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0:14 Sound

Did anyone else notice that at this point in the video, there is either a moaning or a voice saying "hello?"...or "help"??? --Nobackspacebutton 10:17, 16 October 2007 (CDT)


I don't think they were being sexist, I think they were making fun of Sarah because she was giving them a hard time in her video "Battle of the Sexes". --grace2_89

  • i agree. this video demonstrates the gap between the talk and the walk of feminism. when the camera lingers on the hammer and the nails on the ground, it is because the creators want to show us something significant. the final product of the birdhouse is sort of an anti-climactic product of sarah's fervor in Battle of the Sexes. sarah says that she can fight the order with the boys and yet in her own solitary activities she fails. the birdhouse might be cute and the superman logo is a tad bit ironic, considering the circumstances. however, the birdhouse is (objectively speaking) pretty tacky. most importantly, sarah shows no respect for the tools, tossing them on the ground. it could be regarded as sexist how jonas laughs at sarah's work but considering the circumstances, jonas is not so much laughing at her because he has no faith in females. jonas has lost faith in sarah a long time ago because of her actions. sarah insists on being treated as an equal and yet her actions defy her desires. in my humble opinion, sarah is riding on the feminist values laid down by those who came before her and (metaphorically speaking) has no appreciation for the tools that built those values. - platy oct 16
  • sort of unrelated but... the bird house project is sort of a symbolic enigma. it represents that project that a man might undertake to prove his worth and yet abandon as soon as he feels the point has been made. its like... 'oh sarah is so crafty. she's working on a birdhouse for the yard!' and the fact that she never finishes it is somehow more evidence to her handiness. 'oh sarah is just so busy being handy in other places, she just can't get around to finishing the birdhouse!' its win win. right? - platy oct 17


I disagree with the note that says they continue to show their misogynistic side. When have they ever shown it before? Sure, jonas has always kind of disliked sarah, but not because shes a female, because of the actions she takes, and daniel has never shown hatred toward any female in the series.

--Michiev 16:00, 16 October 2007 (CDT)