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  • emma said about gina: she took a deep breath (under water) and gathered all of her strength and just kept her body still 'til she was able to rise to the surface. the absurdity of this statement is too much for me to take. - platy
  • no this actually happens because human bodies are flamboyant and can rise to the surface. Ever heard of the "Dead Man's Float"?
  • Yes. Human bodies are very flamboyant. And when they take a deep breath under water, they have a tendency to take in water. Not air. The body tends to die when it is denied oxygen, no matter how colorful the individual's personality happens to be. - platy

actually, as a lifeguard of seven and a half years and spending my entire life on swim team...i can vouch that if you just aim to do nothing, you'll go to the surface. now, if you were paying attention to emma... this is the sum of what i understood: Gina was flailing her arms...but it just didn't work... (flailing actually makes you sink more)... so she took a deep breath, stopped...probably sank...then came back up. I didn't get the impression that she took a deep "breath" underwater.