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...'s back!

And that finishes my edit summary. I figured "yay, she" may not make sense but it occurred as a result of my accidentally hitting the enter key at the wrong time. Anyway, it's good to see Nikki B. back but I feel like she's not all there. This was a short video and it seemed rather lame to me. Other thoughts?--Jonpro 00:15, 6 October 2007 (CDT)

  • was that a picture of jonas she was making out with? - platy oct 6

On listing this video

I appreciate that everyone here has liked Nikki enough to include her in the lgpedia. However, her videos are not a part of the main story and should not be included in the list of videos. While Nikki has previously appeared in LG15 videos, she should still be considered a "fan." I do not want people to be confused... can you please take her videos out of the main list? Thank you! - Amanda

To list or not to list - this question has been discussed before, and the verdict is quite simple: Nikki knows too much to not be listed. If she was purely fan fiction, as you would like it to appear, she of course wouldn't be listed in the LoV or on the portal, just like no other fan fiction does. However, Nikki is different. She had the watcher symbol before anybody else had it. She had Gemma's location. She had Lucy in her videos. It was her who broadcasted a major retcon in the storyline. Bree acknowledged her in the series, after Nikki introduced the concept of a "new girl". She retrieved vital information for Daniel and, most importantly, played a life-saving role in the very much canon season finale.
We have done everything we can to separate Nikki from the rest. She doesn't get official numbers. She's using her own template. But the fact is: For not being canon, Nikki is just doing too much canon stuff to not list or publish her releases. Look at the mass of links above - if we didn't watch NBR, we'd miss a large amount of important, referenced-in-the-series background information. So, as said, we've done everything we can to separate her from the true canon, and there's a section on her page detailing the problem, but truth is: Not listing/announcing her would be a major disservice to the fans of this series (including ourselves), and, as such, is something we cannot do.
In addition, if this is bothering you enough post here, you should think about changing your approach with Nikki B.: You can't seriously expect us to watch her as normal fanfic if she has canon characters in her videos, gets recognized by canon characters, drives the story forward and magically spawns at current canon locations.
If you don't want her to be treated like she's canon, you have to stop making it look like she is. Otherwise, all we see is that the canon characters treat her like any other character, and that the only difference is that you vocally claim she's not canon.
We are making quite clear, both through the way we list her in the LoV as well as through her description page, that Nikki B. is not officially canon. But you have decided to make her too important to the canon to just ignore her, and we have no other choice but to give her the recognition she deserves in order to give the community a comprehensive and useful overview of the events in the Breeniverse.
~ Renegade (talk | contribs) 21:23, 6 October 2007 (CDT)

I disagree with you Amanda. Nikki delivers the most quality fan video. i'm sure there are still other quality fan videos being made but nikki is the only one i watch and i'm sure i'm not alone. - platy oct 7
Amanda, i have to substantially agree with Renegade. This has been discussed before. It reminds me of the old OpAphid debate when it first became the official ARG of lg15 (pre-Human Ransom). The fans asked whether you had to watch the ARG vids, and answer was no. But for fans who followed lg15 closely (but not ARGs), the answer was REALLY yes. If fans don't watch Nikki at all, it creates some gaps in understanding. On the other hand, a number of Nikki vids are quite non-essential viewing. The only possible compromise that makes sense to me would be listing only certain Nikki videos in the video list. --Milowent 00:23, 8 October 2007 (CDT)
Nikki B is the main reason I decided to contribute to LGPedia in the first place. She is too important to remove from the main page. If the latest video wasn't on the portal I, and many other fans, might have missed it. I think most fans are intelligent enough not to be confused and are happy for her to inhabit a grey area in between real fans and official videos. I think we are all happy to play along with her only being recognized as a "fan" in a nudge-nudge-wink-wink-we-all-know-she's-more-than-that-actually sort of way, but not at the expense of deliberately hiding her videos and articles about her in LGPedia. So Amanda, will you please please please reconsider your request? Psmith 05:08, 8 October 2007 (CDT)