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Reused footage?

This is very odd. I've noticed a number of small details like this from time to time, and I keep wondering if they're clues or sloppy work on the part of the producers/director/editors/whoever. If it's sloppy work, it's very sloppy, though.

In the Where Are They Going? video, Daniel follows Bree and Lucy in his car, and on the way to wherever they are going, he passes a "Yield" sign. I felt it was the same sign he passes in the Who Is This? video. Well, I checked, and not only is it the same sign, but it's the same footage! There are roughly three seconds of video 37 seconds into Who Is This? that reappear 31 seconds into Where Are They Going? Yieldsign.gif

If they wanted to show that Daniel was driving a similar route this day as he had the other day, would it have been so hard to get new footage of the same scenery? Why is this clip in both videos? --Brucker 09:04, 11 October 2006 (PDT)