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That's Our Girl!

The Taylor Fan Club


The Taylor Fan Club is a thriving organization dedicated to promoting the continued presence and influence of the character Taylor in the Breeniverse. The members of the Taylor Fan Club are most impressed by her intelligence, good nature, desire to help, computer-hacking (and dissembling) skills, as well as by the fresh spirit she has brought to the LG15 world. The Taylor Fan Club is in no way intended to detract from or put down Taylor's sister Sarah, and is welcoming all new members, including, and perhaps especially, members of the Sarah Fan Club.

A major goal is to get Taylor, SocSkyblueStar.png to post on the forum. The forum thread is in Taylor and Sarah Discussion.


The founder and former President (inception to 2/05/08) is GawainsChallenge, the current President is Jafin and the Vice President is kgurl84. .

Membership is open to all.

We want Teacher Taylor to break it down for us

Membership Privileges

The main privilege of being a member of the fan club is simply the right to say, "I am in the Taylor Fan Club!" What more anyone want? To join the club, a person should click the link to it: here forum thread(original thread) or here forum thread (new thread) and simply state that he/she loves Taylor!


To date there are 35 members of the Taylor Fan Club. They are: GawainsChallenge, allisonjenna, bree_is_awesome, mindinflight, Broken_Kid, BrightSilence(Recently left to support Evergreen), sanguine105, Misty, Gidget, caravelle, kgurl84, hockeygurl, JanaL, watching_watchers, Luminous, girlnextdoor, Greyfurfang, mousegirl, razor33, Absynth, xovonchezio, galatea024, surfthetsu, Kismet, BelovedDefenderofMen, Jafin, and Poor_Little_Rich_Boy, lala_loveee, caalan21, and HeatherAnneDear, watermelonhead, bdmcusmc06, xo vanessa anne, Houdini, SilverWolf01 and Gamera.

What We Love About Taylor

There has to be a reason we like this girl, right? Well, we've been asking members on the forum to briefly tell why they love Taylor and this is why:

GawainsChallenge: "I love Taylor because she keeps the characters and the show focused on the mission. I love her because she's an intelligent geek. (I'm a geek too, although not really the computer-oriented kind.) I love her because she seems to be a genuinely good person but also because she isn't afraid to rebuke someone who's out of line."

Yaaay Taylor!

kgurl84: "I love Taylor because she always seems to keep a level head and truly wants to help the TAAG out. I also love her sense of humor (ex: the teacher video). She's SMRT, good with computers and just all around rocks my socks!!"

BrightSilence: "I love Taylor because she genuinely seems to care about people and has an overall very nice character. She is smart and good with computers. She is a geek, but not too much. I like her humor. And I know that if I knew her in person I would love hanging out with her!"

hockeygurl: "Taylor is sweet SMRT -- a computer GENIUS, athletic and true. She has all the characteristics of an awesome spy-in-training when you combine that with her athletic side. Faithful to her friends, she hasn't been focused on herself in all of this but in supporting the guys and helping them find and bring back Bree, as well as helping to make her trait negative. There's something simmering below the surface that intrigues us, and every video reveals some new facet of her. I think she'd be a great friend!"

xovonchezio: "Taylor is S.M.R.T. - just like me! She's smart, and willing to put her life at risk for Bree, even if all Sarah is interested in is seducing Daniel. Taylor's good with computers - like me (again)! I'm sure she would be a great friend. She also puts up with her parent's divorce maturely, and doesn't whine too much. She's great at being a "little sister" to Spencer - Once he fin, you Pavlovs paw-paw roove rake! :)"

surfthetsu: "Taylor is dorky! I mean she has other great traits, but this is my favorite one! She can always light up a situation whether with her smile, computer skills, or anything! She is just an all-around good person ^_^"

Taylor has such a great smile!

Jafin: "She's just such a gem! She's a genius, she's sweet, she's charming, she's beautiful, she's always ready to put things on the line to help out. And since we see her so infrequently, every time we do it's that much more special. What's not to love about Taylor?!"

SilverWolf01: "Taylor is an awesome character. I love her because shes somewhat trendy but still has the inner geek in her. She knows just what to do when the guys need help. She has a good head on her shoulders and knows how to keep cool in tense situations unlike some people we have seen. I love how she can do just about anything on a pc but still is human... like how she showed how gullible she can be sometimes when that kid tricked her on the whole "Jumper" thing. All in all I love Taylor for her just being her and I wish the creators would bring her back!"