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This template creates a link to the contributions page of a given user.



{{contribs|TARGET NICK}}

In the most simple case, you just replace TARGET NICK by the nickname whose contributions you want to link to. The link's text will simply be "Contributions". Remember to use underscores instead of spaces for nicknames that consist of more than one word.

If this template is used within the user or user_talk namespace, this parameter defaults to the page name of the page it's being used on (iow, if you put this template on User_talk:ExampleUser, the template will default to linking to ExampleUser's contributions).

Custom text


The default "Contributions" text can be replaced by adding a second argument with the text you want the link to say.



Due to the defaults set within the template, a simple call to the template without arguments will automatically make the necessary settings to link to a spambot's contributions page, thus reducing the time spent tagging highly active spambots.