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Episode frankiswaking video 04

Who is that woman?

Blogger frankiswaking
Date Posted January 2nd, 2007
URL youtube.com
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YouTube Tags frankiswaking you will be found we hear you tachyon gemma OpAphid LG15
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Terror is the fourth video in the frankiswaking series. It is the first video to feature the woman whom we hear in most of Frankiswaking's videos.


Text: I see you.

Woman: I see you.

(Video shows scenes of Frank following the woman.)

Woman: I was here.

Woman: Come and get it.

(The code "Y2L7LX" appears on the screen.)

Woman: Page 22.

Woman: (Gasps)


The code "Y2L7LX" is a TinyURL link, which you can find here. The link is to a picture of Nancy Drew's Guide To Life. Page 22 of the book is Nancy Drew looking at a bug in a gem. This is a reference to Gemma and OpAphid; Gemma being the gem, and OpAphid being the bug.