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My mission from the order
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Revver The707clique

707clique, aka xwestsidex, posted four fan videos on Revver in Jan-Feb 2007. After drinking an Orange Slurpee, 707clique turned evil and set off to find Gemma's grave. The creator of the series later appeared at the Lonelygirl15 San Francisco Live Event in January 2008.

Official backstory: 707clique was noted for using a great deal of foul language and making inappropriate comments on the forum. That was until he wished to pull a stunt of actually drinking an Orange Slurpee mixed with Orangeade to try and prove to Lonelycrackers that nothing would happen if he drank it. To his surprise and dismay, the slurpee had devastating effects on him and turned him to the epitome of opaphid-like evil. He then knows what he has to do to help bring the Order to victory in capturing Bree and her friends.


From what we can tell, after Clique's transformation, he set out to find the gravesite where Gemma was buried. He had gravediggers pull up her coffin, which looked like an Egyptian casket. He then took her body somewhere, and used witchcraft and sorcery to bring her back from the dead.

He then met with the eyes of wrath, to receive his mission: To capture (and possibly eliminate) the other bloggers who gave/were giving advice to Bree and her friends.

707clique cancelled the series after the last video due to a computer crash.

List of videos

some answers & clues


  • Title anagrams to "ORANGE"
  • anagrams in the middle decode to: IVE GOT YOU NOW. OPAPHID SEES ALL.

Finding the order

  • KRSA= the 4 enochian letters from Bree's video, that possibly spell out the call letters of an Alaskan radio station

The resurrection

  • Video details="GEMMA DOES NOT RIP"
  • 4 sentence anagrams translate to "prepare for this day" and the middle box contains wingdings font for "32107"
  • voice at the end: "This is your destiny. Follow it."

My mission from the order

  • First Greek sentence= "Gemma is once again with the order"
  • Second Greek sentence= "Opaphid General Facility, Adak Island, AK"
  • The people who were to be captured by the Order are shown as follows:
  • Lordgreystoke
  • Mskelly
  • Nikki Bower
  • David Spock
  • Marbella

On the forum

707clique also posted comments to LG15 videos that had a continuing story involved. Before his transformation he had a series called "Gemma says" in which Gemma would attempt to recite poetry, sing a song, or tell a story, but the audience could never understand her English dialect, so they would always boo her offstage, and do things that would lead her to injuring her ass.

Warning adult content: After the Orange Slurpee series there was one titled "the daily fish taco." Which came from the idea of Bree wanting to eat a fish taco from a "ho" in Mexico. (aka she eats her out). The basis of this series is that every day Clique would choose one female character who's "fish taco" he wanted to eat, sometimes insulting, and even verbally/physically abusing the character. It was canceled when a user named S.A.R.A.H. snitched on him to the Creators, and the Creators didn't let him do the series anymore.