The Project (Welcome to Facility J)

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The Project (Welcome to Facility J) is the fifth video in the Facility J ARG series.

Facility J 005
The Project (Welcome to Facility J)

The geneticist seeks the answer.

Blogger TravelerJ19
Date Posted January 29th, 2007
Description The new facility led to surprising advances in many fields, although no individual researcher seemed to understand the larger goals of the project.

Attribution: The Go! Team - We Listen Everyday

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Welcome to Facility J, a new state-of-the-art government installation. Particularly promising are the advances being made in the biological sciences. In a typical experiment, the geneticist seeks the answer. John Rockefeller Prentice was in charge of research efforts at Facility J and believed that success could be achieved within the decade. It's a complete and unknown mystery for the vast majority of the American people. The reasons for this . . . the frightening . . . to our people . . . The masterminds behind this great facility have absolute control. Progress is being made and research is leading the way. And in this research, the biological sciences continue to take their place in the ongoing pattern of achievement by advancing man's understanding of life itself.


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