The Rest of It

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Episode 0007
The Rest of It

Luca Rest of It.jpg
We know where your family is.

Blogger LucaSambuca87
Date Posted April 22nd, 2007
Description ok, sorry I cut you off like that. But here you go...
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YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 Luca blog college orphanage order tachyon brother
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The Rest of It is the seventh video in the LucaSambuca87 video series.


Luca: Okay, so I didn't show you the whole thing because I wasn't quite sure whether or not I should. I mean, I know that you're all supporting me. The comments that I've gotten are great. But, you know, I wasn't sure if I wanted to share it with the world. But, you all are in this like I am. So here's the rest of it.

(Cuts to Luca reading the letter from her previous video.)

Luca: It says, "Luca, we can help you. We know where your family is. We can save you from them. Keep your eyes on the horizon for when we contact. Resist the Order." And then there's a set of numbers at the bottom. 10033. We know where your family is?