The Van Helden baby

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The Van Helden baby
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The Van Helden baby is the child of Rupert Van Helden and Michelle Clore. Clore was deceased at the time of the conception, so Rupert implanted the embryo in Julia while she was unconscious from getting hit by a coconut. Julia was unaware that the baby was not hers, and together with Rupert, schemed to gain access to Michelle Clore's bank accounts and use the money to raise their child. However, Clore's former Shadow got greedy, and held Julia hostage, demanding the financial information in exchange for Julia's safety. When Rupert goes to meet with the Shadow, he reveals that the baby isn't Julia's, and she is stunned. However, her attitude changes once she watches the Shadow beat Rupert to death and take the information for him. Julia blames the K-Team for all that has happened, and vows to raise the child and tell it what they did to its parents.

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