The Whole World's Gone Crazy.

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The Whole World's Gone Crazy.
Blogger Mason
Date Posted March 1st, 2010
11:14 PDT
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The Whole World's Gone Crazy. is a text blog posted by Mason directly after the video itsliketheresbloodonmyhands, and directly before the video What is 'KAVION'?.


It's official: The first true casualty of 2010 is a little thing we used to call 'sanity'. It's gone. Forever.

Everyone has lost their minds. Congress has gone crazy. The media has gone crazy. Tiger Woods has gone crazy. Canada just went crazy.

Even The Crazies went crazy.

...But the craziest crazy most relevant to ME? The Little Computer-Programmer That Could by the name of Will Powers.

I'm sure you all saw his post Friday. I'll be honest: dude's lost it. And I have no idea how to fix him. He's completely quiet and keeping to himself most of the time, only speaking up when I miss an exit on the highway...and while this is a vast improvement over his usual nagging and whining, it'd be great if it could be less creepy. Honestly, my goal right now is just to get to LaFleur's safehouse before Will pulls a Private Pyle on me and our rescue mission comes to a sudden and abrupt end. ...If you guys have any idea of how to get his head screwed back on straight, then by all means fire away. I'm not exactly the best person to...y' about feelings with other people, so don't expect ME to come up with any bright ideas.

And of course, there's finding Crystal. LaFleur knows where she is, and the second we get to his place tonight, things will all fall into place. If my plan holds together, we should be able to rescue her, expose SHENtek as a front for the Order, bring in the Resistance to mop up what's left of the enemy, and get back home in time to catch the top 12 of American Idol.

...but then, there's that lingering mystery...




What IS that thing? There's GOT to be a reason that the Order is keeping it under wraps. Security around it at the docks was tight, and the NAME was the only thing LaFleur felt safe telling me. There's got to be a reason that it's connected to Crystal.

Somehow I get the feeling that, much like the talking baby face in the Matrix Trilogy, it's going to come out of left field and be the answer to everything...

...or, knowing my luck, it's probably just a glorified industrial microwave that the Order uses to heat their leftover tacos with. For those of you who have asked me in chat: yes, I'm well aware I shouldn't trust LaFleur. I'm fully knowledgable of the fact that he could be a plant for the baddies.

But, considering the fact that he had an opportunity to take me out at the docks, yet decided to reveal himself and provide me with some information, I'm holding back on judgement for awhile.

Still, I'll only trust him as far as I can throw him.

...or, alternatively, as quickly as I can shoot him.

Is it sad that my closest friend right now is a loaded pistol?

P.S. (LaFleur, if you're'd be great to get a change of clothes when we arrive. The same 3 shirts over and over again is making things a bit...itchy.)