Time to Make the Phone Call

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Flock Video 0053
Time to Make the Phone Call

My name is Jenni Limkin...

Blogger Betsy
Date Posted February 18th, 2008
URL youtube.com
Description "Private Video"

I wanted to document as much of this as possible.

YouTube Tags sandra hymn of one mike butler jenni limkin chosen flock lonelygirl15 david jerr private video

Betz Betsy Rice
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Time to Make the Phone Call is the fifty-third video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the twelfth video of Season 2.


Betz: I decided to document as much of this as possible. (Dials phone, then hold it up to her ear) Here we go. (pause) Hi, is David Jerr home? ... My name is Jenni Limkin I work for Mike Butler a colleague of your father's ... No, he's not also a child psycologist ... Do you know when he'll be returning? ... No, I can call back. Hey before I go though have you ever heard your father mention a girl named Sandra? Perhaps you might know her? ... Yeah, she went to summer camp ... What? why do you think she was separated from the rest of you? ... Oh, I see ... Hey listen, there's a myspace group just for the Hymn of One girls. You meet girls just like yourself there, from all over the world. I'm sure they'd love to see your videos ... Just search for "the chosen flock" ... Well it was my pleasure ... I guess I'd better get back to work. Okay, thanks, bye. (Hangs up) That poor girl. At least from the myspace group I can keep an eye on her. There's no telling how many people Mike and his associates have done this to.