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In the context of this article the term Universe is used as it relates to a non-fictional video series. For the more conventional use of the term universe see Wikipedia.

Most fictional works take place in the "real world" unless there is a specific mythology for the series, in which case you find niche universes. For example, Marvel Universe, Whedonverse and Breeniverse each take place within their own universe with their own mythology. They exist individually unless there is a crossover. When Marvel Universe overlaps with DC Universe there is no new universe created to represent the combined universe.

The description of a universe, its characters and its other elements becomes vitally important when discussing User Generated Content. When a producer selects a universe to create their series in they are not only selecting how their story line might interact with the story line in that universe but they must also consider all facets of the mythology in that universe

One additional area are where this has become important is in understand the Terms of Use provided by the Creators.

The below Venn diagram shows the relationship between "elements" used by the Creators, and UGC creators (fan fiction creators) both in the extended universe and the parallel universes.

Description of area in the Venn Diagram


LG15 Universe (excluding the overlap): Elements contained within this region were officially produced by the Creators. These include those elements in the lonelygirl15 Universe (also known as the Breeniverse) and the KateModern Universe. It would also include any unique elments used in any future series created by the Creators within the LG15 Universe. An element in this area would only have been used by the Creators in one of their series and never used by a UGC creator (for instance, Alex's house).

Extended: Elements contained within this region were created by fans who are telling a story that exists in the LG15 extended Universe. An element in this area has never been used within the LG15 story line.

Overlap between LG15 Universe and Extended: Elements contained within this region were originally created by either the Creators or UGC creators but have been used by both. The Hymn of One would be an example of such an element.

Parallel Universe: Elements in this area were created by UGC creators who intended to tell their own story using them. They do not include any elements from the LG15 universe. Any number of independent universe could be built from these elements and the use of any subset of elements within this group would be determined by the UGG creators who conceived them.

Application of the Universe concept to individual video series

Elements help define a universe, but the entire universe a fan video series exists in must also be examined as a whole. In this context the term universe is used to describe a "world" or "realm" in which a series exists, as opposed to a set of elments, as defined in the previous section. For that purpose the issue must be examined from two perspectives: that of the Creators' and that of UGC creators':

LG15 Video Universe

The LG15 Universe contains everything that is officially produced by the Creators including the lonelygirl15 Universe and the KateModern Universe. These series contain elments that exist within the "LG15 Universe" in the Venn diagram above (including the overlap region). The LG15 Universe will also include any future shows created by the Creators using elements from the same region of the Venn diagram.

UGG Video Universe (Fan Video Universe)

Fan produced videos can exist either within the Lonelygirl15 Universe/KateModern Universe (or a combination of both) or they can exist in an entirely new universe created by the writers/producers of the fan video series. A fan video can either use elements from the Lonelygirl15 Universe/KateModern Universe (overlap region) and combine those with its own unique elements (extended region) in which case it would be considered part of an LG15 Extended Universe. If a UGC video uses only elements that are totally unique to its plot (i.e. from the parallel universe region of the Venn diagram) then it would exist in a Parallel Universe.

Wikipedia also has an article about Fictional universes.