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General Firstsayer
General Firstsayer.jpg
Birthday 1 January 2001
Residence Delaware
1st appearance: Following The Helper

General Firstsayer

A much loved and celebrated LG15 fan. He is the leader of all those who wait for a new video to come out, just so that they can be the FIRST to exclaim FIRST!!

Home of the Brigade on the Web

Here is the web-site home of all soldiers of General Firstsayer's brigade.

On FIIRSTT!!1 Saying

Saying FIRSTT! is the fullest and most beautiful expression of ONE’s self!

This expression of “one’s self” is of the ultimate unity of the self with all existence as the ordinal principle of infinity. In saying FIRST! we reach the highest level of self-infinity realization, the Brahman-Atman identity.

It is not excitement over an irrelevant act of chance; it is excitement over the realization of all existence within the self, realized in the flash of an instant!

In that instant of saying FFFIIIRIRSSSTTT!!!111oneoneone we realize that there is no separation between us and the entirety of history. There is no separation between the self and existence!

It is the failure to realize that essential unity which brings on the pain of life, a pain which feeds the attacks of the enemy.

Liberate yourself from the tyranny of despair and ignorance!!

Cry FIIIRRSSTTT!!!!11!! with joy and pride!

Heed not the enemy’s devious manipulations!!!