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This page was created for anyone who wants to help out on the LGPedia. The page constists of different categories, depending on the type of page you'd like to help out on. You can see the available options on the Table of Contents below. From there, you will find tables that list each of the pages that needs work. Once you have selected a page you'd like to help out on, look to your right to find exactly what changes are needed. This way, as you are working you will have an idea of what you're aiming for. Good luck and happy helping!

Bree wants YOU for the LGPedia! Come and edit!

KateModern Pages That Need Updates

Page What Needs To Be Done
Julia Hasn't been updated since Kate Returns (with the exception of her new job at JustIncredible.TV). She's been very involved. She really needs an update.
Dr. William Griffin Needs info since he was tracked down added as well as info from this post on the forums added.
Terrence Terrence's page is all jumbled... the facts aren't all true, some are out of order... and a lot of key things are missing. It might be best to work with whats there, but go back through the videos he was in and fill in the missing blanks.
Tariq Needs info about his breakup with Julia and run-in with the cops added. (You could also note that he hasn't been seen since)
Patricia Hasnt' been updated since From Above.
KateModern Needs to change from future tense and add a bit more info about the tone and the direction of the show thus far.

Lonelygirl15 Pages That Need Updates

Page What Needs To Be Done

Behind The Scenes Pages That Need Updates

Page What Needs To Be Done
T'Nia Miller Could use a grammatical cleanup.
Kevin Schlanser Could use a grammatical cleanup.
Melanie Merkosky Tone should be changed for consistancy with other LGPedia articles. Any of her more recent acting jobs should be listed.

Pages Needing Additional Research

Page What Needs To Be Done
Neil Mossey Needs bio info added.
Phil Whelans
Gregg Moscot
Crystal Young
Eddie Asher Needs bio info and a picture of him while he is not in character (preferably a headshot) added.
Alexandra Dreyfus Could use some additional bio info if any can be found. The goal here is to expand their pages. If no info can be found, post about it on the talk page, and we can discuss removing their name from this list.
Jackie Jandrell
T'Nia Miller
Jill Siegel
Mary Feuer
Justin Thompson
Seth Jacobs
Ian Schwartz
Shelby Kocee
Alexandra Weaver
Cristy Coors Beasley
Gavin Rowe
Luke Taylor
Matthew Gammie
Kevin Schlanser
Ralf Little

LG15 Universe and Other Pages That Need Updates

Page What Needs To Be Done
Hymn of One The "Role of Women" section should be expanded to include what we've learned.

Pages That Need Images

Page What Needs To Be Done
Sam Pitman An image for their page, preferably a headshot, would be nice. If they are an actor, the main thing is that it is a picture of them not in character.
Claudia Joseph
Vanessa Roveto
Yumiko Aoyagi

Videos That Need Work

Page What Needs To Be Done
Videos with incomplete transcripts These videos need transcripts added.
Videos needing images These videos need images added.
Videos needing captions These videos need captions added.

Other Excellent Ways To Help

Page What It Is
LGPedia:Constant Updates This page lists pages that are always in need of updates. Check it out for more information!
LGPedia:Community Portal This page lists general ways that you can help out.
Category:Cleanup While these categories should not contain any pages that are not already on the list, it is helpful if, at times, someone could sweep through them and make sure that nothing listed in those categories that is missing from this page.
Category:Pages in need of updating
Category:Pages that need images