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Episode 452/3x042
Varsity Blues

Bree would be so jealous right now!

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted April 3rd, 2008
URL old.LG15.com
Forum [16933 forum discussion]
Length 1:39
Description Thank you all so much for helping us figure out that weird message from Bree's mom. We want to especially thank Fatal Gear, Lella, Hunnah, QtheC, and laurenannie who worked at the lg15.com forum decoding the message.
Location(s) The rented house
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 daniel jonastko phone american idol dog bark
Music "Paperworks" by Anna
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Jonas Jackson Davis
Gina Crystal Young
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Next none
Previous by Daniel "I'm On Fire"

Varsity Blues is the four-hundred fifty-second video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the forty-second video of season three. Varsity Blues is the four-hundred fifty-second video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the forty-second video of season three.


Daniel: That message was crazy. So, thanks to everyone who helped out on the forum. Turns out it said, "Friday, neighborhood park, no cameras." I'll post the details at LG15.com. You know, I think I know what park she's talking about. It's the one where Bree and I used to hang out. Honestly, just the thought of seeing Bree's mom again... it makes my blood boil.

(Camera pans to Gina in the backyard, playing with a football.)

Daniel: This morning, she said she wasn't afraid, but... come on, look at her.

(Daniel opens back door and walks towards Gina.)

Daniel: Hey!

(Gina smiles while tossing the football from one hand to the other.)

Daniel: Come on, you look like you need a cheerleader. Or, how about a receiver? Hit me! I'm wide open!

Gina: Daniel, thanks but...

Daniel: Gina... Look, I know you're worried about tomorrow. It's gonna be okay.

Gina: I'm fine.

Daniel: Alright.

Jonas: (In the background) Hey, what's up guys?

(Camera pans to Jonas at the back door.)

Daniel: Hey man, not much. Wanna grab some lunch?

Jonas: Uh, yeah, sure. Sounds good.

(Daniel walks back into the house while Jonas goes and talks to Gina.)

(Camera pans in on Jonas and Gina through the window. Jonas is sitting in front of Gina, who is also sitting.)

Jonas: You know, you're not going to be alone this time. Okay? I'm gonna be there for you. You can count on that. Okay? (Touches football in Gina's hands) Come on, throw it! I'm open! (Gina throws football) Oh, touchdown!

(Camera pans to Gina, laughing while playing football with Jonas.)

Jonas: (In the background) Daniel, come out here!

(Gina catches football)

Jonas: (In the background) Nice!

(Gina throws football. Jonas begins to play and flirt with Gina.)

(Daniel turns the camera back to himself.)

Daniel: First Bree, now Gina. Nice work, Casanova.


  • Daniel shows signs of jealousy towards Jonas over Gina.