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My Name Is Jonas Catching Up, Closing Out
Character information
Age 36
Date of Birth August 1987? (Leo)
Trait Positive
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
Relationships Jennie (Girlfriend)
Maggie Schaeffer (Girlfriend)
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MySpace jonastko
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Twitter jonas_tko
Portrayed by Jackson Davis
Colin Tuft (LG15: The Last)
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Jonas Wharton is the son of one of the founders of the original Resistance movement. Jonas's parents "disappeared at sea" when he was thirteen, and he lived with a nanny until he was eighteen. He met Bree and Daniel online and learned about the Order, extending an invitation for them to come stay with him and subsequently going on the run with them. He was a member of TAAG from late 2006 to mid-2008. When the group split up, he attempted to return to a life of obscurity, but was forced out of hiding by Maggie, under the guise of a new resistance called the Hymn of None, which he becomes a part of during the last months of 2008.

In December 2008, during the Day of Atonement, it is revealed that he is the first trait positive male in a millennium, and is captured by the Order after being betrayed by his long-time ally Sarah. While he is tortured and the Order intends to use him to create more trait positive children, his ultimate fate remains unknown.


Although an amount of money is never given, Jonas owns a large house, a cabin, at least two vehicles, and appears to have paid all of Bree and Daniel's bills for several months. Jonas has also mentioned that he does not work and has no intention to. Prior to turning 18, he had a full-time nanny and attended a lot of psychotherapy. To support this lifestyle indefinitely, Jonas must have inherited at least several million dollars.

Jonas says that he has been too quick to trust people in the past. He has been taken advantage of for his money and mentions that once he stopped throwing giant parties, a lot of his friends stopped calling him.

Many fans have observed that Jonas is something of a "lonelyboy". While Bree turned to books and stuffed animals, Jonas has turned to pop-culture and sports. Jonas makes constant references to movies and TV shows, often very obscure ones, and also enjoys extreme sports, boxing and foosball.



Adventures with TAAG

Jonas offered Bree and Daniel help in the form of shelter and financial support. Bree and Daniel were wary of going to live with a stranger that they met over the internet, but Jonas insisted. He gave them a virtual tour of his house and suggested that they test him so he could prove that his trustworthiness. Daniel took his suggestions and asked fans to vote on what they thought they should do. Fans chose to trust Jonas, but Daniel refused to go, leaving Bree alone with Jonas. He eventually came to live with them at Christmas time.

Jonas and Daniel bond.

Jonas gained Bree and Daniel's trust and friendship after he came through for Daniel when Bree ran away, and after he helped them escape when Bree's father died. When Daniel was abducted by OpAphid, Jonas was quick to offer his assistance, and also to assure Daniel that while they were on the road nothing would happen between Bree and himself. Although they were forced to sleep in a bed together on their way to rescue Daniel, Jonas very gentlemanly created "The Great Wall of Jonas"-a barrier between him and Bree while they slept. Jonas also participated in Daniel's rescue, although he had previously expressed concerns about Bree's method of rescue.

After the rescue, BDJ's decided that Jonas's house was too risky to stay at, and headed to his cabin in the mountains. While on the ride up there, they all got along, almost as soon as they arrived, tension began. Beginning with Bree and Jonas's outing in the snow that excluded Daniel, causing him to lash out in a video where he expressed his jealousy and contempt for Jonas. While Bree attempted to keep the peace, both boys refused to discuss their derision until they were able to crack the file given to them by Tachyon when she and Brother helped save Daniel, and the feud seemed to have ended and their trust back in tact.

This trust was temporarily shattered, however, when Bree suspected Jonas of being in the Order and held him hostage. Jonas managed to prove his innocence in the eyes of Bree and Daniel by showing them a document written by his father proving his parents were against the Order.

Jonas didn't forgive Bree for holding him hostage right away, but stuck with her and Daniel. He brought Bree and Daniel to his Aunt Alex's house, who was away on business at the time. Jonas tried breaking into his Aunt's office to see if there was more information about his parents and their involvement with the Order, but ended up cutting his hand in the process. After a trip to a local veterinarian to get fixed, Jonas found a folder containing names of people who were also against the Order but had disappeared. Jonas's aunt came back in town, and Jonas and Daniel were invited by Alex to a fashion party. Daniel and Alex appeared to be very interested in each other, much to Jonas's dismay. Jonas's cousin Toby was also at this party, whom he hadn't seen since his parents funeral. Bree posted a video saying there was a photo at the party which she thought was Alex and Lucy and warned the guys to leave Alex's home and meet up with her.

After a short reunion, the three headed to Las Vegas. While there, Bree went to tour Vegas, while Jonas and Daniel got drunk. After three days in Vegas, BDJ was abducted by the Order, who psychologically tortured them and temporarily persuaded Bree to do the Ceremony. The three were able to escape their captors, and began trying to piece together what had happened to them during that time.

New Love Lost

After their escape, they lived out of Jonas's car, but eventually decided to track Alex down, which took them to Mexico. While they were there, they overheard her arguing with a member of the Order about BDJ's kidnapping. The next day, Bree was left alone to think about their plight while Daniel and Jonas once again got drunk.

The following day, Daniel and Bree went to Alex and confronted her about her activities in the Order. Alex denied that she knew anything about the kidnapping that took place in Vegas. Daniel seemed to believe her, and later helped Alex film and edit a video explaining her true feelings. Jonas's forgiveness last only few days, until Alex alerted the Order to BDJ's location. However, when the Order arrived, Alex said that they were there for her, not Bree. Apparently, according to Alex, the Order had found a new girl to complete the Ceremony and no longer needed Bree.

Jonas and Bree have a moment.

After finding out about Alex's true allegiance, BDJ headed to a bunker where Bree began investigating who the new girl might be. While they were in the bunker, Jonas and Bree were forced to hold an intervention for Daniel, as he had started, once again, drinking heavily. After their attempted intervention, Bree found more information on a possible lead to the new girl, who she began to believe was a girl named Jules. While Bree was busy investigating the possibility of a new girl, Jonas tried to hypnotize himself and Daniel to find out what happened to them in captivity, but had no success. Within days, Bree noticed posts from a girl named Taylor living in Zavalla, Texas who told her that she recognized Julia. After nearly a fortnight spent in the bunker, the three decided to leave and find Julia to warn her that she was in danger.

Upon leaving the bunker, Daniel, Bree, and Jonas headed to Texas to find the new Ceremony girl. BDJ teamed up with Sarah and Taylor and were able to locate Jules. Later, Bree gave herself up to save Jules, and Daniel and Jonas spent the next month following the Order and trying to save her. Finally locating where Bree had been hidden, Daniel, along with Jonas and Sarah, went to her, where they forcibly took back a brainwashed Bree.

A short while after trying to "unbrainwash" a very resistant Bree, Jonas became convinced that she had snapped out of it and the two started to become closer. Although Daniel was suspicious that Jonas was Taking Advantage of Her, Jonas continued getting closer to Bree and slept with her the day before she ran back to the Hymn of One.

Recruiting the help of Spencer Gilman, the son of Isaac Gilman, Jonas once again set out to save Bree. Through many hardships, TAAG followed Bree's trail all the way to the Ceremony, where Bree died. Directly after her death, Jonas was shattered, Taylor said:"...I think, when Bree died, it's like... she took him with her. He's empty and emotionless... He isn't Jonas anymore."

Life After Bree

After the death of Bree, Jonas fell into a deep depression which many thought he would not recover from.

Jonas in mourning.

Jonas, like many other characters, announced he would no longer be posting videos. Soon after this, however, the mysterious LaRezisto posted a video showing his parents and telling Jonas that they are alive. Although Jonas initially reacted in anger at seeing his parents again, he decided to reunite with them. At this reunion, Jonas met his adopted sister, Emma, for the first time and also found out that his parents are active members of the Hymn of One. Taylor found out that Emma was the next trait positive girl, and after The Order invaded their home and demanded Emma, Jonas took her on the run. Later, he lost Emma when he decided to trust LaRezisto and handed Emma over to Claire, the woman behind the LaRezisto posts. When several alarming videos were posted by Emma and Claire, Jonas started to become obsessed with finding a code in Emma's gestures.

After an upsetting phone call with his father, Jonas told us he would no longer be helping anyone and only focusing on getting Emma back, but he was soon back to fighting the Order by helping Daniel and Sonia kidnap the new Ceremony baby. After Mallory secretly got information from Chris, Daniel posted a video following Chris to a meeting in which it was revealed that the HoO had created a partnership between themselves, Verdus Pharmaceuticals, and the Wyman Foundation.

His next video was a dramatic, unedited copy of the current tape in the camera, showing us how he, Daniel and Sarah had found the solution to Emma's code on the forums and broken into Pleasant Manor, only to be surrounded by Shadows and seemingly doomed. Luckily, Virgil had either followed them or obtained the location elsewhere, and stormed in at just the right moment, allowing Jonas and the gang to leave with Emma.

While he was glad Emma was saved, Jonas was also devastated about how easily LaRezisto had played and used him, and vowed to stop trying to save the Ceremony Girls in favor of bringing down the Order as a whole. Initially, though, his new mission didn't receive a ton of support, as both Daniel and Sarah were busy contemplating and managing their own lives. Jonas decided to take matters into his own hands and investiged the connections between the Hymn of One, Verdus Pharmaceuticals and the Wyman Foundation.

Going After the Lullaby Project

After realizing the connection was nothing more than each organization was a front for the Order, Jonas decided to investigate the Lullaby Project. Taking Sarah along with him, the two infiltrated the The Lullaby Project Center and found multi-vitamins from Verdus Pharmaceuticals there. After making a narrow escape, they went with Daniel on a stakeout, following a Lullaby Project truck. However, Jonas and Sarah disappeared in the midst of their investigation, leaving Daniel alone, believing that his friends had been abducted. After four long days in the back of the Lullaby Project truck, Jonas and Sarah were able to finally post a video telling us that they had been investigating when they got locked in and unable to escape. Although they were rescued from the truck the following day, it was not by Daniel. Their rescuers were Carl, Chris, and Claudia, who welcomed them to the Lullaby Project. While Sarah felt like the Lullaby Project was innocent, Jonas remained suspicious of anything related to the HoO, and decided to leave. Although Sarah went with him, he soon became frustrated with her and left her alone in the desert.

Emma comes back into Jonas's life

Feeling guilty, he returned, but Sarah had vanished. At first, Jonas was very worried, but after finding out Sarah had talked to Taylor and was fine, he began focusing on a mysterious package he had received at his motel door. Unable to understand the tapes contents, he posted his findings on the website for everyone to see, and then, still unable to make heads or tails of it, posted another VHS video left at his door. When Taylor made the discovery that one could see the doctors face, Jonas set out to the Lullaby camp to speak with him. Once there, Jonas found Dr. Hart packing his bags and getting ready to leave the encampment. After leaving, Jonas had a sit down with the doctor, who told him that the trait positive girls' blood had been altered, causing them to die at an early age.

A few days later, Jonas and Dr. Hart were disrupted by knocking at their door, afraid they had been found by Verdus, they began to flee, however, before they could, the hotel manager got into their room with Emma, who had made her way to Jonas. Jonas later explained that Emma had run away after showing her parents Gina's videos and they wouldn't listen to her. After a disturbing conference call which Virgil somehow hacked into, Jonas and Dr. Hart decided to take Emma and run, but not before realizing they were being stalked. Realizing there might be a spy betraying them, Jonas posted a video warning everyone to be careful and not giving away where they were or where they were headed.

The next day, Jonas and Dr. Hart, went to meet with a reporter from the Times who claimed he wanted to interview them about Verdus and the Order, however, before the reporter arrived, thugs from Verdus somehow found their location and kidnapped Dr. Hart. Days later Jonas really did meet with the reporter who told him he would not print the story unless he had Dr. Hart to back it up. After saving Sarah from the HoO, Jonas and Jennie kept Emma with them in Mexico while Daniel took Sarah home.

While still in Mexico, Jonas and Jennie were able to spy on Carl and Lucy, but Carl sees them and gives them a note from Dr. Hart saying to meet them at the lullaby village. Although when they found Dr. Hart he told them he was sorry and to run, Lucy and a watcher pulled up in an SUV and were able to knock out Jonas and kidnap Emma.

Finding Emma

Jonas was brought home by Jennie, who later decided to stay with them, and immediately fell into an all-too-familiar depression, leading to drinking and questions like "How stupid is Jonas?". Luckily for him, however, Daniel and Sarah broke into Ted McKinley's apartment in the meantime, and obtained a memo. Jonas and Daniel met the fans and asked them to decipher its coded message, and, on the same day, bugged Lucy's car. Through that bug, they were able to track Lucy to Emma's location, and quickly found out that the house they were led to was actually owned by the name deciphered from the memo. Originally, they had contacted Virgil and expected to meet him there, but Virgil was captured and shot, giving Lucy the chance to escape with Emma. They found information about a house block Porter rented in his house, and saw Dr. Hart, and later Emma, in it. However, when Daniel only returned with Gina from it, Jonas disregarded his own safety and just stormed into the house, trying to safe Emma. Jonas sneaked through the building, avoiding dozens of Watchers, while following a Female Doctor. In an eerie case of déjà vu, he found Emma right when the Ceremony began, and, with Dr. Hart's help, was able to escape with her.

Jonas flips out.

After their escape, Jonas and the gang took Gina with them into hiding. Once in hiding, tensions began to run high, as the girls outnumbered the boys. Although Daniel claimed that he could see much of Bree in Gina, Jonas remained doubtful. While Daniel and Sarah began to become closer again, Jonas and Jennie began fighting about Emma's choices. After Emma's choice to leave TAAG and rejoin her parents, Jonas flipped out on Jennie, but Gina stopped this by telling him that she was the one who gave Emma the money to leave. The next day, Jonas was remorseful about his reaction to Emma's departure and wished that he could apologize to his friends. Because tension was at it's highest at that point, Daniel decided to buy beer for everyone. While Daniel stayed sober, the rest partied. The next morning, Daniel was the only one feeling fine while the others were completely exhausted. On this morning, Jonas found that Sarah had posted Gina's drawings and Daniel recognized one of the drawings as Bree's mom. The whole gang had to once again relocate after seeing William Porter's Shadow in their latest video.

While Sarah and Daniel watched the video from William Porter's Shadow, Jonas found that Gina disappeared suddenly. Daniel and Jonas set out to look for Gina and found her at Bree's house. While they were leaving from Bree's house, a black SUV approached with Lucy and the Shadow inside. Jonas posted a video saying that they got away from the Shadow but that there's too much going on for him and that he couldn't sleep. Jonas got into a huge fight with Daniel because he went off on Gina for putting their lives at risk. Jonas realized that they couldn't control Gina because he tried doing that before with Emma.

Searching For Answers

TAAG decided to split up; Jonas and Jennie decided to go with Gina to find Bree's mom while Sarah and Daniel would stay back at the rented house. Gina watched Jonas and Jennie get ready to leave to look for Bree's mom and revealed that she felt guilty because she felt like she was splitting the team up. The next morning, Jonas tried to wake up Jennie, but did not realize that there was a Shadow waiting for them in the closet. Jonas left the room to go in the backyard when he heard Jennie scream his name. A Shadow chased Jennie out of the house but then got killed. After the team was shaken up from the Shadow, they decided to spend the day At the Beach to have fun and spend some time together. Jonas and Daniel talked things out and Daniel decided that Jonas was right; that finding Bree's mom was what's best for Gina. Jonas and Jennie get to work and figure out that the closest route to the Hymn of One is Sarah's connection to the Lullaby Project. However, Sarah reveals that she has slept with Carl, and he soon shows up and the two begin dating. Jonas and the others become wary of the couple, but accept his help in finding Bree's mom.

Bree's mom is finally located exiting a meeting with the Verdus Board of directors. However, the encounter ends badly, with Gina getting captured. However, She is returned hours later, with a disk containing footage of her and Bree as young children. After Gina meets with Elizabeth and is mugged, TAAG finds a message from Elizabeth in the house, asking to set up another meeting. Nervous, Daniel and Jonas decide to tag along for safety reasons, but Daniel becomes enraged and confronts Elizabeth. In turn, Elizabeth provides evidence implicating Lord Carruthers as the one responsible for Bree's death.

Jonas and Steve hit it off.

TAAG goes to Catalina Island to find a store called Alcombe Antiques, where Bree's Elder had purchased a puppet as for Bree prior to the Ceremony. At the location, they find a coat of arms, and are informed of its connection to a Hymn of One member in London with a fascination with puppets. TAAG celebrates (and Daniel gets drunk), and Jonas goes to London himself without the consensus of the group.

Upon arriving, he meets Steve, a member of the London-based group that is also fighting the Order. Lauren and Lee, two of Steve's friends, decide to throw Jonas a welcoming party. Their roommate, Charlie rejects the idea, but they go through with it anyway, and the night is, for the most part, a success. However, Jonas gets drunk and Charlie uses him to get back at Steve for not talking with her about their "relationship". Jonas and Steve attempt to track down Lord Carruthers, the man they believe is Bree's Elder. However, they are thrown out of the building where he works, and are ignored when they attempt to coerce information out of Rupert Van Helden (author of Finding the One who is engaged to one of Steve's friends). After they leave, they are victim to a drive by shooting where neither of them are hurt, but they believe Rupert has put a hit out on them.

However, the hit was actually the work of an Elder named Michelle Clore, who put out a hit on TAAG, and promised that whomever murdered them on camera would ascend to the status of Elder in the Order. However, her message was in Turkish, so it took a while to make sense of what she was saying. Alarmed by the video, Jonas heads back the airport to fly back to Los Angeles, Steve tagging along until he boards. However, the driver is actually an assassin, who is unable to kill Jonas after Steve kills him in self-defense. Scared, Jonas asks Steve to come back to America with him, which Steve accepts.

On the Offensive

Steve and Jonas fly into a Mexican Airport in order to try to hide from the Order. Steve's reception is much less warm than Jonas's was, as he is accused by Daniel of being a mole as soon as he arrives. The argument is cut short when an assassin arrives and begins shooting at the group, wounding Steve. TAAG flee, but call 911 and go back for Steve. While waiting for him to get discharged from the hospital, they encounter the Assassin again, and send Taylor his license plate number so she can find out more about him.

However, they are contacted through Daniel's laptop by Edward Salinas, a candidate for U.S. Congress, who is seeking ascension in the Order. Instead of running, TAAG decide to infiltrate (with the help of Nikki Bower), a fundrasier, where they try and fail to stop him. Daniel becomes enraged and blames Steve for the messup, the argument eventually turning into a choice for Jonas: Daniel or Steve. Reluctantly, Jonas chooses Daniel and Steve is left on the side of the road, angry and hurt.

Jonas vows to fight.

In his next video, Jonas reiterates that he felt bad about the situation with Steve, but cites the danger they've been in since he entered the picture. He says that they are tired of running, and are going to take a proactive role in taking down Salinas. After joining up with Sarah, TAAG decides that Jennie would be the best candidate to infiltrate the Salinas Campaign. However, Jonas becomes extremely anxious, and decides to pose as Jennie's undercover persona's boyfriend, Bill, and pulls her from Elizabeth Avery's car after she lures her inside. Elizabeth reveals that Emma is in danger of dying, but is cut off by Jonas's actions.

In the next video, it is revealed that Jonas and Jennie had gone back to the van to hear what Elizabeth had to say. Elizabeth is upset that Jonas injured her hand when he tore Jennie from the car. She informs them that Emma has been targeted for the ceremony, but is allegedly unaware of her whereabouts. Desperate, Jonas asks Emma to contact them in the video, and she sends him a package that leads TAAG to her location. While en route, Jonas discovers that Elizabeth had broken into their hotel room and found Emma's location on his laptop. Upon arriving at the bunker, they discover Elizabeth dead and Emma missing, as well as notes on a white board in Emma's handwriting with information on the Resistance. Jonas, refusing to believe that the Order had captured Emma, attempts to contact her again via the video.

Emma, who had managed to escape, saw Jonas's video and met him at the location he had requested. They were almost caught by the Watcher that was tracking her, but make it safely back to the rented house. Emma insists that the experiences she had while she was away matured her, and tried to prove it by volunteering to save Carl, who had been captured by Salinas. Jonas is dead set against it at first, but reluctantly allows her to go on the condition that he'd go in if she were gone longer than five minutes.

Losing Friends

The group stops vlogging for a week after the successful rescue of Carl but Jonas grows more protective and wary for the group, and he is practically forced into allowing the prom to go ahead. Jonas wants to go to the prom with Emma, as a brotherly thing to do, but Jennie is quick to make sure that she is the one he takes.

On Prom Night Jonas seems to be having a good time, especially with Jennie. When a noise is heard in the basement and the group goes to check it out, nothing is found, but Jonas still wants to check around the cabin to be safe. Later on, Jonas finds Carl's Hymn of One swipe key in his car and shows it to the group, growing agitated and frustrated when he realizes his suspicions of Carl were correct. Jonas soon knocks Carl unconscious and ties him up. When discussing their next move after this, Jonas is targeted by a gunman when the Order attacks, but Gina takes the bullet for him. Chaos starts immediately, but Jonas stays behind to feel Gina's pulse. When he doesn't find one, he quickly escapes the cabin, luckily escaping the Order and the Prom, but at the price of the life of his friend.

Jonas interrogates Carl.

The next day, the group meet up at a beach and go to the Hymn of One centre, where they get in using Carl's swipe card. Salinas, Carl and Lord Carruthers are soon found, but Jonas refuses to allow Emma to make a distraction, telling her that it is too dangerous. Carruthers, with his escort Lucy, escape, but Jonas gets Salinas and Carl at gunpoint. Jonas knocks Salinas down and takes the camera with the footage of Gina's death, and finally the group escape the building. Like the rest of the group, Jonas starts to suspect Sarah, their reason being that Sarah brought Carl, and therefore the Order, to the cabin, and therefore it was indirectly her fault that Gina died. At the end of that week despite feeling terrible after Gina's death, Jonas and Daniel manage to find Carl and also tie him up to take back to their house, all while Salinas commits 'suicide'.

As his hostage, Jonas is somewhat brutal when interrogating Carl, using methods such as threatening him with violence and splashing him with water. When Carl gives no answers, Jonas strongly considers killing him with a shot to the head. Finally, Carl gives a few answers at gunpoint but when Carl reveals he knows the Jonas hides Purple Monkey in a box under his bed - something not even Jennie knows - Jonas still considers whether to kill him or not. In the end, thanks to his friends voting against him, Jonas lets Carl be handed to the police. The next day, it is revealed on the news that Carl, like Salinas, committed 'suicide' in his jail cell, but Jonas is undisturbed by this news; he's more focussed on searching through the house for a bug possibly planted by Carl. A camera is found, but during his search Jonas finds something else: previously unseen drawings by Gina. Jonas and Jennie continue to have arguments, and when Emma decides to leave the group for school, Jonas gives his consent. The next day, Jonas has a huge argument with Jennie which results in an apparent break up between the couple. On this note, Jonas leaves the group to search for answers on his own.

Jonas heads back to the bunker where Emma had been hiding out, having noticed something about La Crete, the place where the Hart Study took place, written on a white board. There, he tries to explain his feelings about the break-up, but ends up going on a tangent about his parents, reaffirming his decision to retrace their steps. In the bunker, he finds several documents which map out a location to where something is hidden. Jonas finds a package buried in Lake Clandon. While he is digging it out, someone on shore rumages through his bag and steals the documents he took from the bunker. After chasing the person off, he opens the package to find a Resistance mission statement will all the members of the original resistances signatures on it - including that of Lord Carruthers. Using the document, he tries to locate the other members of the original resistance, but finds that they've either never existed, gone missing, or died.

The Eclipse

As he prepares to head home, he recieves a video message from a hooded figure warning him to stop digging, warns him to stay away from his friends to keep them safe, as he is the only one that the Order is still targeting, and mentions that a solar eclipse is coming. Confused, Jonas decides to return to where it all began - his parents' house. In reminiscing about objects in his fathers library, he finds the word "Revelation", torn from a book, attached to his father's broken clock. He discovers that it was torn from the bible, and reads a message about the Elders in the margins. After this, he begins searching for more clues, and discovers his father's diary hidden in their bedroom. The last entry reveals that the key to defeating the Order was left with their son. Jonas figures out that his parents had implanted some kind of drive in his chest that his parents had put there at age 2 under the guise of a surgery. Upon removing it from his chest, Lucy and a Thug enter the room, and drag Jonas away forcibly.

Jonas is held captive by the Order on the S.S. Hathor's Song.

When Daniel and the others see the footage, they rush to his aid. Daniel ransacks Lucy's apartment and discovers that she's been keeping tabs on not just Bree, but on Jonas as well. When he returns to the rented house, he discovers a CD on the doorstep, revealing Jonas's location and a time where it would be safe to rescue him. Deciding to trust whoever left the note, Daniel and the others show up and rescue Daniel, and capture Lucy in the process. Blaming her for Bree's death and all the esuing misery, Jonas ties her up and tries to torture her for information. She seemingly dies, but when Jonas returns to get the body, she is gone. However, they still have the files they took out of Jonas's chest, and Taylor is able to pull an address and blueprints of a museum off of it. At the museum, Jennie and Jonas discover a treasure trove of artifacts and documents pertaining to the original resistance, and explaining how they were wiped out. It also reveals how the process of the Ceremony came to exist.

Their search is interrupted however, as Taylor calls them back to Texas upon discovering that her father is a member of the Hymn of One. In his apartment, they locate Order propaganda, and later discover that Taylor's father is the undertaker of an Order Cemetery. They find candles burning outside of William Porter's tomb, along with some hieroglyphics. Before they can finish deciphering them, Taylor is captured by the Order and Sarah is exposed as a plant. Upon deciphering the hieroglyphics, Jonas, Daniel, and Jennie go to rescue Taylor, and Jonas is captured in the process. A few days later, Sarah sends Daniel a picture of Jonas, which reveals that he is being held on a boat called the S.S. Hathor's Song. The Day of her father's Ascension to Elder, Sarah posts a vlog revealing that the second part of the prophecy, which designates Jonas must be destroyed on the holy day of sacrifice. With this information in hand, Daniel and Jennie board the ship a few hours later and successfully free Jonas.

In the confusion, Jonas insists that they look for Sarah, as she played a key part in his rescue, but Daniel labels her a traitor and urges them to leave her behind. In searching for a way off the boat, Daniel is separated from Jonas and Jennie. A couple of hours later, Jonas and Jennie run into the Ceremony Girl, Nadia, who had escaped during the confusion of Jonas's rescue. While they attempt to calm her down, they are attacked by Shadows, and only Jennie manages to escape. Jonas and Nadia are thrown in a dungeon with the traitorous Sarah, who reveals that Jonas isn't going to be killed by the Order, that the prophecy was misinterpreted, and implies that Jonas is the leader that was prophesied. They are interrupted when the Shadows come to take Nadia for her Ceremony, and Jonas and Sarah are able to escape. However, Nadia dies before they can get to her. Sarah tries to reassure Jonas, but her lashes out at her, implying that he has reached his breaking point.

They successfully escape from the ship, and when Jennie and Taylor leave to take an injured Spencer to the hospital, Jonas promises that he'll be there when she gets back. However, once alone with Daniel and Sarah, he reveals his real intention was to leave and return to a normal life, which Daniel also decides to do, and the both leave Sarah alone on the beach.

LG15: The Resistance

A Reluctant Leader

Jonas is seen for the first time in over a month wandering the streets of a beach town, the footage having been obtained by the Hymn of None, who filmed it in order to show Jonas that if they can find him, so can the Order. They urge him to accept his calling of becoming the leader of the resistance, and encourages him by reminding him that he keeps fighting when all hope is lost. Despite this, Jonas was set against aiding the Resistance in any way, and felt as though it would be better for everyone if he just kept hiding and stayed out of the Order's line of fire. Feeling that Jonas was being unreasonable, Sarah encouraged members of the community to "Harass Jonas!". Jonas was thoroughly annoyed by this, and as he filmed a video telling everyone to leave him alone, he is contacted by a Hymn of None agent, who tells him that the FBI is about to enter his apartment, as he was now considered a terrorist due to the fact that he had killed people on the boat during the Ascension. Jonas is initially angry that the Hymn of None has been spying on him, but changes his tune when the information they gave him turns out to be valid.

Jonas deals with his pain.

Jonas managed to escape from the FBI and make it to a safe location. The next day, he is shocked by the footage uploaded by the Hymn of One of a girl being tortured by LifesBlood Labs, a former branch of Verdus that had gone rogue from the Order. He reluctantly agrees to help the Hymn of None, claiming that he would not allow anyone else to be drawn into fight the Order, though he remains skeptical that he is the only one who can do what the Hymn of None is asking. He soon receives an anonymous email with an e-ticket for a flight to Chicago, where the auction of Aleister Crowley's possessions, specifically The Samsaran Doctrine, will take place. Jonas attempts to dig up information on who purchased the e-ticket, but ends up getting entangled in the airport phone system. The next day, Jonas arrived in Chicago only to find that the address of th auction was that of an abandoned warehouse. As he leaves, he finds a "Crowley Collection" flyer with a poem written on the back. The information led him to the headstone of Inez Clarke in Graceland Cemetery. On the back of it, he finds another flyer with a set of numbers on the back. He finds a similar flyer in Mount Carmel Cemetery.

The numbers gave Jonas the phone number of Willow Wood Auctioneers, which gave him the address of the auction. Reed Barnes, one of the community members who helped Jonas crack the code, recognized the address, and arrived just in time to see Jonas get beat up and kidnapped by LifesBlood Labs Doctors. A few days later, Sarah located the van Jonas was taken in and maced the Doctors and rescued Jonas. Jonas is initially frightened, believing Sarah would try to cause him harm, but soon realized that he would have to learn to trust her. Together, they attend the auction and steal the Samsaran Doctrine, where Sarah saves Jonas from two angry guards who attack him.

Making Progress

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Becoming the Resistance

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LG15: The Last and Outbreak

The following information is derived from content featured as a part of LG15: The Show Is Yours. As a result, it is not considered canon to the storyline presented in LG15: Anchor Cove. For more information see Canon.

Prior to his capture by the Order, Jonas sent Chas an email informing her that she is trait positive, along with documents to back up his claims. It is unclear as to what the email said exactly.

The Truth About His Family

Jonas's new sister.

Jonas so far has five family members who have been in the series.


  • Many have also speculated that Jonas is gay. This arose both from his friendship with Daniel, and his lack of interest in Bree. Although, in "Uncle Dan," Jonas is apparently interested in a girl named Carla who comes on to him very strongly. This is evidenced by his giddy reaction to the camera after she gives him a little kiss. He also rejects the advances of another man at the party, Damien. After getting Bree back, he and Bree were getting very close. It was confirmed that Bree lost her virginity to Jonas.
  • On YouTube and Revver, Jonas uses the name jonastko. The name is a reference to Jonas's boxing hobby. The letters T.K.O. are used in boxing as an abbreviation for "Technical Knock-Out."
  • During the time he worked for the show, writer Glenn Rubenstein based a lot of Jonas's personality off of his own. [1]
  • He is the only character with the distinction of playing some role in the narrative of each series in the LG15 Franchise:

Fan Activity

Fans remained largely suspicious of Jonas's motives in offering such generous support to Bree and Daniel. Fans noted that Jonas initially only extended support to Bree, rather than to both Bree and Daniel. Moreover, because he simultaneously became a member and posted his first video and showed interest in Bree when she was on the run from the Order, fans were suspicious that he may be connected with the Order. He is indeed connected to the Order through his family, which is divided into supporters and detractors of the Order. How much Jonas actually knows about the Order and its counter movements is unknown, but it seems to be very little.

Since the inclusion of Jonas as a regular, his popularity has slowly grown. In May 2007 a fan club was started in his honor. It is called the Secret Society of Jonas Fans because of the indication that Jonas is shy around accolades. Its members are required to type "Shhhh!!!" in their comments when in the IC section.

Etymology of Jonas

There are two possible derivations of the name Jonas:

  • Jonas is the Latin derivation of the Greek form (Ionas) of the Hebrew name Jonah (dove). It is widely presumed that Jonas's name is a reference to the Biblical Jonah, who was swallowed by a fish, because this would tie in to the story of his lost parents. For further discussion, also see the LGPedia article, Water theme. Jonas is most widely used as a male name in German and Scandinavian cultures.
  • Alternatively, Jonas is the Lithuanian variant of the English name John. John is derived from the Hebrew Johanas, which means "God is great," and which is the name of Biblical characters John the Baptist, John the Apostle, and John the Evangelist.


Be sure to check out some theories about Jonas.

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