We're Safe

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Flock Video 0043
We're Safe

Why can't I stop dropping my camera?

Blogger Alessandra
Date Posted November 12th, 2007
URL old.LG15.com
Description Sorry for not getting in touch sooner, things have been hectic.

PS - Cyn, I left you something behind.

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Alessandra Credit Withheld
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We're Safe is the forty-third video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It is the second video of Season 2.


Text: We're Safe

Alessandra: (Photo 1) Hi Cynthia and, um, anyone else who might be watching. (Photo 2) I just wanted you to know that Paul and I are safe. We haven't been able to get online for a while. (Photo 3) We've been hiding out, obviously. For a long time we just (Photo 4) stayed in our own hometown, but kept out of sight in an abandoned flat. I know with hindsight that doesn't sound (Photo 5) too bright, but we thought if we were on familiar territory, it would give us the upper hand. (Photo 6) We were wrong about that. Not long ago some men came from the council, knocking on our door in the (Photo 7) middle of the night. But we looked through the spy hole and they didn't look like they were from the council. They were wearing suits (Photo 8) and sunglasses and looked a bit creepy. Se we, uh, we left out the bathroom window and just ran away. (Blurry footage of a busy street) It was weird leaving this town. But now even places I played at as a kid seem really sinister. (Photo 9) And, um, I'm glad to be leaving in a way. (Blurry footage of someone's feet, presumably Alessandra's, walking on a sidewalk) We're on the move now, and I just want you all to know that I'm okay.

Text: Alessandra & Paul x


  • Soon after this video, Alessandra posted on the forums:
Alessandra said:
These social networking sites are rather confusing don't you think?

I mean, perhaps they are useful to help you get to know people, but do you they really help you know anything about that person? You could discover their favourite music or birthday from these sites, but do you really get a sense of what that person is like? Do you even find out anything at all?

Perhaps if you took everything into account, from their MySpace, YouTube, Bebo and FaceBook, if you amalgamate this information then you may begin to have a clue. But who would it be meaningful to anyway?

Video Comments

Cynthia said:
You're okay, I'm so pleased! Left something for me, where? I saw you posted on a forum somewhere but I don't really understand the message...

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