When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar

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Episode 0002
When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar

Do you like applesauce?

Blogger Zoeyiswatching
Date Posted January 4th, 2008
URL youtube.com
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YouTube Tags zoey lgpedia zoeyiswatching redearth88 opadolfnooffensetaken

Zoey Unknown
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Previous "This Is OUR Space Now"
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When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar is the second video in the zoeyiswatching video series.


(Camera moves in on a cluster of Apples surrounded by candles. There's a flash.)

Text (Please Note that a "-" refers to an empty square shape and "=" refers to a filled sqare shape): = -OT --TT- ---T -O- -OT?

(Split-second flash of Zoey's face. Inverted flashes of the Apples and Candles. Text flashes across the screen for a split second.)

Text: Why take Apple Sauce so personally?

(Cut to black. The Apples and Candles reappear. One by one the candles go out, and the screen goes black again. A jar of Applesauce surrounded by Apples and candles appears on the screen.)

Zoey: Come on Rachel. You know you like Applesauce.

(Darkness Again. Zoey's face flashes across the screen.)


  • This video was posted shortly BEFORE When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves, where Rachel mentioned that Zoey loved Applesauce.
  • The tag "opadolfnooffensetaken" is a response to SonofaStitch's video posing as OpAdolf and challenging Zoey to a parody war.
  • On February 3, 2008, Rachel updated her youtube profile confirming that she does indeed like Applesauce.