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First Appearance
Last Appearance
Square One
Person information
Age 17
MySpace 129780388
YouTube Xeniph
Revver Xeniph
Portrayed by Brooke

Xeniph is the daughter of one of the Elders, who posts videos on Revver. She began posting around November of 2006 in the forums at LG15.com, claiming to know Bree from religious camp. Later, she claims to have convinced her Dad to give her a camera, and starts posting videos.

Video Summary

In her first video AAH!, Xeniph tells Bree she feels her advice for her is reaching her too late. She responds to Daniel's video, saying that staying at Jonas's is not a good idea, and that they're putting too much trust on people on the internet.

In I hate colds., she says that she is sick, and that she has to take special pills that she has taken since she was little. She repeats that living with Jonas isn't a good idea, as they don't know him, and that the house is too isolated. She said her dad got a phonecall, and that they're still watching Bree's house, and have watchers after her.

In Day Four: I smell a rat, Xeniph says she is stuck in her room, and out of boredom, puts a drawing of a hippo on her wall. She calls Daniel a rat for leaving Bree with Jonas, saying that she needs him. She says how she saw Daniel at the play to see Bree, and thought Bree was lucky to have him. She said her dad hasn't forgiven her for taking down a picture of Aleister Crowley, and that she shouldn't have done it. She also says her dad is stressed out, and is coming home from his meetings, worried.

In Bree, Gemma, Daniel, and Life., she talks about how she has been in her room for a week now. She is angry at Gemma for lying, saying how she and Bree trusted her, and she apologises to Daniel. She discusses the possibility of being a moonchild, and tries to speak to her dad about it.

In The Anti-Anti-Cribs, she says how she spoke to her dad, and came to a compromise about the Aleister picture, replacing the old one with a 'less scary' one.

In I don't know what to think..., she says how her dad has left her. She says how her aunt's house was boarded up, and that she hitchhiked home. All of his personal things, such as pictures have gone as well. She says how she is scared, and blames everything on Bree refusing to do the ceremony, saying that she's the reason her dad is missing, and that Bree's dad is dead.

In Searching, Xeniph is looking for her dad. She checks her aunt's house, and some of his favourite places, but he isn't in either. She sends a message to itscassie to find out if she knows anything. She also asks for help from Daniel and Nikki B.

In her final video, Square One, she says how she is staying in a motel, and still doesn't know where her dad is, even though she has tried calling his old friends. She says how a watcher tried to add her as a friend on MySpace. She tells Bree she has more resources inside her than she thinks.


In her message to itscassie in Searching, Xeniph says her name is Ananda.

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