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{{VidChar|FBI Agents{{!}}Agent Eliziano}}
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Episode 72/1x072
11:00 AM

What do you mean, we're not real FBI agents?!

Blogger Agent Whitcomb
Date Posted December 12th, 2008
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 0:48
Description Contact us ASAP.
YouTube Tags lg15 resistance lonelygirl15 day of atonement twelve 12 in eqal amateur extreme sarah reed bree jonas
Agent Whitcomb Unknown
Agent Eliziano Unknown
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11:00 AM is the seventy-second video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


Agent Whitcomb: Hello. I'm Agent Whitcomb, this is my partner, Agent Eliziano. We have been pursuing (Cut to an image of Jonas.) Jonas Wharton and his known accomplices (Cut to an image of Reed.) Reed Barnes, (Cut to an image of Maggie.) Margaret Anne Schaeffer, and (Cut to an image of Sarah.) Sarah Genatiempo.

(Cut back to the agents.)

We have been monitoring your activities, both through legal channels and via your website at lg15.com. Up until now we have understood what you've done and have been anxious to get in touch with you. However, your actions over the past few hours have been, frankly, both worrying and criminal. We strongly urge you to stop now before this gets any worse.

Please get in touch with us so that we can protect you and stop things from getting any further out of hand. Thank you.


  • This video reveals Sarah's last name as "Genatiempo."
  • Agent Whitcomb posted several comments following the release of this video:
Agent Whitcomb said:
Once again, we are looking for the following individuals:

Jonas Wharton
Reed Barnes
Sarah Genatiempo
Margaret Anne Schaeffer

If anyone should be privy to their whereabouts, please contact us immediately through our federal headquarters or this very site.

Thanks you for your cooperation in this matter.
Agent Whitcomb said:
There has been a lot of internal resistance against these individuals from our own department. Agent Aliziano and I, however, feel this is a matter of serious concern.

We do not wish to harm anyone affiliated with this organization, and we are not affiliated with any organization they currently oppose.

We simply want to settle this matter and discover the truth before the situation grows even further out of hand.

Thank you again for your cooperation.
Agent Whitcomb said:
As mentioned, we have received much internal resistance from our department regarding the claims of this "secret society."

My partner and I have been digging up as much intel we can find on LifesBlood Labs, and the dots are slowly connecting.

But we CANNOT proceed with our investigation without a witness. Someone. Anyone willing to go on record and provide tangible proof of this Order's existence.

We implore you to come forward.

This is not about manipulation. This is about discovering the truth. If we have to take this investigation and run with it on our own, so be it.

But we cannot go over anyone's head without hard evidence.