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The LG15 Franchise is a line-up of social webshows produced by entertainment company EQAL. LG15 shows are plot-specific and focus on a variety of things, including but not limited to a "trait positive" blood gene, an evil cult called the Order, and the lives of those trying to resist them. LG15 shows also take place in a special universe, originally called the Breeniverse but now called the LG15 Universe to expand to a wider variety of topics and shows.

Primary Series


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lonelygirl15 follows the story of a girl named Bree Avery, a homeschooled teenager in a sunny suburb of Los Angeles, whose friends and family get sucked into a world shrouded in mystery when she is chosen by her religion to participate in one of their highest honors - "The Ceremony". Not all is as it appears, as her best friend Daniel - along with a group of new friends they meet along the way - battle for their lives against Bree's religion and the organization it hides from the outside world - The Order of Denderah. Along the way, relationships are born, friendships are tested, and a great loss is suffered that unites this group of teens against a foe that shows no weaknesses. However, not everyone's allegiances are clear, and you never know who exactly you can trust.

Spanning three seasons, lonelygirl15 ran from June 2006 until August 2008 and starred Jessica Lee Rose, Yousef Abu-Taleb, Jackson Davis, Alexandra Dreyfus, Becki Kregoski, Maxwell Glick, Katherine Pawlak, Melanie Merkosky, and Crystal Young.



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KateModern follows the story of a group of twenty-somethings living in London. When the secretive art student named Kate discovers that she has a rare blood type that is desired by a secretive organization known as the Order of Denderah, everyone's lives are thrown into chaos as they struggle to balance their everyday lives alongside a struggle against an entity with roots planted all over the world. To make matters worse, after seemingly losing her mind on the streets of London, Kate is murdered - and all evidence says that the gristly act was committed by one of their own. The story of the life - and death - of Kate is one of lies, sex, betrayal, blind faith, and the knowledge that - no matter now hard you can try - the secrets you carry around with you can't always stay buried.

Spanning two seasons, KateModern ran from July 2007 until June 2008 and starred Alexandra Weaver, Tara Rushton, Ralf Little, Jai Rajani, Giles Alderson, Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty, Sam Donovan, Matthew Gammie, and Emma Pollard.


LG15: The Resistance

LG15: The Resistance is the follow-up story of Jonas Wharton, a boy who fell in love with Bree and fought the Order to avenge her death. After deciding to try and return to a normal life, he is sucked back into fighting a former cover of the Order - LifesBlood Labs - by a faceless entity known as the Hymn of None. Joined by Sarah - who is on a quest of redemption after betraying the last resistance - Jonas attempts to unlock the secret of a rumored cure for the trait positive gene and understand the significance of a young girl whose story is being told by videos posted by the Hymn of None. Maggie Schaeffer, kidnapped at age six by LifesBlood Labs, was tortured and experimented on, and is now determined to figure out exactly what happened to her and exactly how she managed to get free.

Spanning one season, LG15: The Resistance ran from August 2008 until December 2008 and starred Jackson Davis, Alexandra Dreyfus, Marnette Patterson, and Brett Ryback - with special guest appearances by Yousef Abu-Taleb.



N1ckola follows the story of a Polish girl living in London named Ola Polak who is forced to return to Poland after a doctor doing a routine blood test for her warns her that her life is in danger. Leaving her on-and-off boyfriend back in London, she decides at the last minute to go and visit her childhood best friend, Kama Janik, in Wrocław instead of going straight to her parents' apartment out in Wałbrzych. There, she discovered that she is being followed by members of a secret organization known as the Order of Denderah, many of whom have their own agenda regarding what they plan on happening to her. At the same time in Warsaw, a reporter investigating the Hymn of One is murdered, and his protégé Ursyn Wysocki begins an investigation that leads him into the heart of the Order's inner workings.

Spanning one season, N1ckola ran from January 2009 until June 2009 and starred Ania Narloch, Paweł Parczewski, Marzena Kopczyńska, Bartek Picher, Konrad Marszałek, Julia Trębacz, Jakub Krawczyk, and Anna Kordus.


The Show Is Yours

LG15: The Last

LG15: The Last follows the struggles of the last four trait positive girls in Australia, who join forces after one of them - Chasina Wilson - receives an email from Jonas warning them that they are in danger. However, hiding from the Order proved only to be half the battle, as the girls began to clash with one another and their two male companions. At their weakest moment, it is revealed that their very circumstances have been orchestrated from the very beginning by twins Sibylla and Xavier Weave - high-ranking members of the Order who enjoy watching the girls fight amongst themselves. Upon their introduction, they dispense some shocking news - They have had a spy hidden among them from the very beginning, and the Order has no intention of letting any of the girls go on living.

Spanning one season, LG15: The Last ran from January 2009 until July 2009 and starred Catherine Williams, Tom Mesker, Jessica Shipley, Emily Rose Robinson, Samantha Carr, James Olds, and Andrew Strouthos.


LG15: Outbreak

LG15: Outbreak tells the stories of three seemingly unconnected individuals. Crystal O'Brien is a former art student who left her entire life behind to start over in a new town. There, she finds herself neighbors with Will Powers, a man whose stalkerish behavior initially puts her on edge. Completing the puzzle is Crystal's estranged brother Gregory Mason, an agent of the new european resistance whose new assignment is stealing information from Will's employer - SHENtek - the new economic division of the Order that rose as the Hymn of One fell. After Crystal's and Mason's reunion turns sour, she tells him to get lost. But after Order agents show up and kidnap her, Mason must team up with Will and rescue Crystal, and discover what SHENtek's Project "KAVION" is along the way.

Spanning one season, LG15: Outbreak ran from January 2010 until March 2010 and starred Gregory Austin McConnell, Dani Martin, and Lance Little - with special guest appearances by Maxwell Glick and several fans of LG15.


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