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| name        = 1:00 PM
| name        = 1:00 PM
| number      = 74
| number      = 74
| image      =  
| image      = RES73-Fancameo.jpg
| caption    =  
| caption    = I'm in a Resistance video, yay!
| blogger    = Maggie
| blogger    = Maggie
| date        = 20081212
| date        = 20081212

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Episode 74/1x074
1:00 PM

I'm in a Resistance video, yay!

Blogger Maggie
Date Posted December 12th, 2008
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 0:36
Description Kericanfly has helped us. Now it's your turn. Can you translate this document?
YouTube Tags lg15 resistance lonelygirl15 day of atonement 12x12 12 in twelve amateur casteneda hymn one none cult blood
Music "Life Changes" by Casteneda
Kericanfly Unknown
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Next none
Previous by Maggie "9:00 AM"

1:00 PM is the seventy-fourth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(The Hymn of None logo flashes on screen, followed by text.)

Text: A message from Resistance Operative: Kericanfly

(Cut to Kericanfly in her bedroom.)

Kericanfly: So, while Maggie's trying to track that car, I figured I could try and help. So I started pulling up service records (Numbers flash on the screen.) for every rental I can see (A map from Google Maps spins on the screen.) in all of Los Angeles. (Cut back to Kericanfly.) Most of them were a piece of cake. Of course, most of them also had nothing resembling information, either. (The words "nothing resembling useful info!?" overlay on the screen.)

But, I did find this one. (The number 1 pops on the screen.) So, I'm good at sniffing around people's computers, but I suck at code breaking. (The words "but i suck at code breaking" appear on screen.)

I'm gonna upload the file I found to lg15.com. ("LG15.com overlays on the screen and flashes.) Maybe you guys can help decipher it.

We are the resistance and we will not be stopped.


  • The file uploaded was an Excel spreadsheet, containing several lines of nonsense sequences formed of "error" and "doc".