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Episode 34/1x034

Who cares about Leigh and Toni? Look at my head! Pay attention to ME!

Blogger Bray
Date Posted June 30th, 2009
URL youtube.com
Length 2:34
Description We were wrong... always wrong...
Location(s) The Australian Outback
YouTube Tags LG15 The Last lonelygirl15 Toni Bray Chas Leigh Sibylla Jayde Mitch 2am bree danielbeast jonas lg15
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Director(s) Andrew Strouthos
Director of Photography Andrew Strouthos
Story Samantha Carr, Emily Rose Robinson, Andrew Strouthos, and Catherine Williams
Editor(s) Andrew Strouthos
Music "Ambient Darkness Slaying" By Sean Beson
Jayde Emily Rose Robinson
Mitch Tom Mesker
Chasina Catherine Williams
Bray James Olds
Sibylla Unknown
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2am is the thirty-fourth video in the LG15: The Last video series. It is also the first video of Quietus.


(Blank screen with the rustling of the tent canvas in the background.)

Jayde: Shit, shit, shit! (breathing heavily) What do I do? What do I do? Oh my god I'm freaking out!

(Jayde's face comes into view under the tent canvas.)

Jayde: My head is hurting so much. They've taken me, they've taken me! Oh fuck, I think they've made a mistake, this is not how I thought it would happen. They were meant to take Leigh. What do I do? I'm freaking out, I hear voices. Shit, shit, oh my god they're coming!

(Jayde hides her face and lies still. Muffled voices can be heard in the background. Outside Mitch walks up to Chas and puts his hand on her shoulder.)

Chas: They know where we are.

Mitch: Hey...

(He turns Chas around to hug her.)

Chas: They've taken them.

Mitch: Hey...

(Chas shrugs Mitch off.)

Chas: We've got to get out of here.

Bray: And go get them?

Chas: I've got to get out of here.

Bray: They've taken Toni!

Chas: No, we're not risking our lives to save them.

('Mitch tries to calm Chas down.)

Mitch: Shhh, I tried everything I could, I couldn't catch them. I couldn't catch them.

Chas: I've got to get out of here.

(Chas runs to the tent crying)

Chas: (crying) We've got to get out of here.

(Chas is searching through the tent when it moves. Chas screams.Jayde can be heard under the tent.)

Chas: Jayde? Jayde! Jayde, Jayde, Jayde!

(Chas tries to grab Jayde from under the tent canvas.)

Chas: Calm down, calm down, calm down. It's just me. Are you ok?

Jayde: (emerging from the tent) Oh my god. You have no idea how relived I am that it's just you.

(Jayde emerges with blood over her face. She hugs Chas.)

Mitch: Oh shit.

Jayde: Oh my god, oh my god. Thank you.

(The two girls continue to hug, Mitch pats Jayde on the head.)

Chas: So you don't know?

Jayde: Know what?

Mitch: Leigh, Leigh and ...

Bray: Toni have been taken.

Jayde: And? (insulted) You don't expect me to do anything about it do you?

Bray: Who cares? All I know is that we need to go save them.

Mitch: But we are not risking our lives.

Chas: That's right!

Bray Somebody has betrayed us.

Jayde: What? So now you think it's me?

Bray: Com'n this is not the time.

Jayde:If I was the traitor, why would I risk my life trying to go and save Leigh.

Mitch: Oh, I knew it.

Chas: Shut up, we're leaving right now.

Bray: I'm not coming. I'm going to get Toni.

Jayde: Fine, you're so selfish. You're not even thinking about Leigh.

Bray: Jayde? Oh!

Jayde: Seriously? Fuck you Bray. Where's my bag?

(Jayde gathers her stuff.)

Bray: Jayde...

Jayde: Whatever Bray, far out. Chas...

(Jayde walks off. Bray looks over the camp site then runs after Jayde.)

Sibylla: I came. I saw. I conquered.

(Sibylla's face appears on screen followed by laughter.)


  • On all the Lasties Twitter accounts Sybilla tweets "Veni, vidi, viche", a famous Latin quote by Julius Caesar that translated in English to "I came, I saw, I conquered".