a new girl in da hood of lg15

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Episode 009
a new girl in da hood of lg15

0009Linsy And Mr Skunk.JPG
Linsy and Mr. Skunk

Blogger linsybeast
Date Posted April 23rd, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description my first blog and its pretty rockin just like a moving boat!
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YouTube Tags linsybeast linsybeastt kelseygirl15 lonelygirl15
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a new girl in da hood of lg15 is the ninth video in the Kelseygirl15 video series. Linsy introduces herself, and makes a blog.


Linsy: Hi, I'm Linsy. But you can call me Linsybeast though. I don't know. It could have something to do with lonelygirl15. Who knows? Well, I've been watching lonelygirl15 for a really long time, and oddly enough, I found it really interesting and kinda fun, I don't know. But yeah, but I got into it because of my friend Kelsey, kelseygirl15, you may know her, she's really cool. But so, I may as well tell you a little bit about myself. I mean, I could be "the new girl". Yeah, I don't know. But so this (She holds up a picture of herself and Kelsey) is kelseygirl15. She's kind of cool. I really love her. I mean, we're kind of weird together. You may know that already. This... (She holds up a stuffed skunk) this is my best friend, Mr. Skunk. I mean, it's a skunk. What more do you want? He's kind of cool. But yeah, I tell him everything. And this (She holds up a rubber dolphin.) is Mr. Squeaky Toy. I kind of just like to scare my cat with him. (She squeaks it twice.) Wanna see my cat? She's cool. (Linsy gets up and gets her cat.) This is my baby, Magic. I mean, I love her. She kinda kills... she tries to kill me at least. (Growls) But yeah. So, I'm ready for YouTube. See you soon!