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*The title of this video may be a reference to the video [Crazy Emo Chick][http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Crazy_Emo_Chick], which was Sarah's first video.

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Episode 20/1x020
Angry Drunk Chick!

You. Are. A. Tight. Ass.

Blogger Sarah
Date Posted October 8th, 2008
URL youtube.com
Forum forum discussion
Length 1:43
Description Jonas always thinks he's right!
YouTube Tags amateur angry blood chick cult drunk eqal extreme fun johansson lg15 lonelygirl15 resistance sarah scarlett teenagers
Music Artist: The Teenagers
Track: "Scarlett Johansson"
Jonas Jackson Davis
Sarah Alexandra Dreyfus
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Angry Drunk Chick! is the twentieth video in the lonelygirl15 video series.


(Music starts and Jonas is seem passed out, snoring, in bed. Camera cuts to Sarah from below.)

Sarah: Laaaame.

(Cut to Sarah, holding the camera, walking into the bathroom. She plops on the edge of the tub and takes a sip of a drink.)

Sarah: (Slurring) So, I just saw Jonas's post and it's in need of serious retort from moi. So, Jonas. You. Are. A. Tight. Ass. (Laughs)

(Cut to footage of Sarah at the bar carrying a drink to the table. Subtitles are at the bottom of the footage, with ♥ representing Sarah and :( representing Jonas.)

Sarah: Here... (Camera pans to Jonas who throws his hand up) Uhhh... lighten up! Come on, have a drink.

Jonas: We came here to talk about Reed, remember?

Sarah: Yeah, and to have a little fun. (Pushes a drink toward Jonas) Have a drink. (Cut back to Sarah in the bathroom) You think I call attention to us? Hello, Mr. Serious Broody Man sitting all alone in a corner.

(Cut to Jonas sitting in the bar with his head in his hand, sulking. The camera zooms in and a blinking blue sad face appears over Jonas's. The word "Brood" appears over his face.)

Sarah: For the record, you have no clue how to relax. How are we supposed to blend in if you can't even look like a normal guy?

(Cut to Jonas sulking at the bar. The camera turns to Sarah and subtitles appear again.)

Sarah: Aww... so touchy. (Cut back to Sarah in the bathroom) Reed looks normal... and cool... (giggles) and cute... and I think he should join us. Maybe then I'd have someone I could actually have a conversation with and not someone who just barks orders at me all the time. (Imitates a barking noise as the subtitles "Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!" appear and fade on the screen. The footage cuts to Jonas at the bar while she does this as well.) Look Jonas, (cut back to Sarah in the bathroom) I know we have a mission, but we have lives too. Both of which would be a lot less complicated if we had some help. Ugh, and now my tummy feels like a merry-go-round. I think I'm gonna go to sleep til Thursday now. Goodnight.


  • The title of this video may be a reference to the video [Crazy Emo Chick][1], which was Sarah's first video.