Bibbidi Bobbidi-To Do

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Flock Video 0034
Bibbidi Bobbidi-To Do


Blogger Liandra
Date Posted August 25th, 2007
Description Now I know how Cinderella felt!
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 LG15 the chosen flock liandra li lostgrl17 clique chandra alondra twinklydiamonds aaalondra too many tasks

Liandra Credit Withheld
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Bibbidi Bobbidi-To Do is the thirty-fourth video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


Liandra: So hey, it's been a while. Last month, I was accepted into Chandra and Alondra's clique. I wasn't planning on making anymore videos because I figured I'd be busy with my new friends. (sighs) And I have been busy. This isn't exactly how I thought things would be. I imagined us getting together and talking in the chatroom. Instead, I get a list of things to do for them everyday. Check out today's list.

(a screen appears with a list of task's to do-- "Translate Enochian for Chandra, Prepare gossip report for Alondra, Send Chandra's HOO Seminar invites, Send Alondra's HOO Seminar invites, Send out my HOO Seminar invites)

Liandra: I'd better get started!

(Liandra is seen reading from a book, a cross then appears next to 'Translate Enochian'. Liandra is then seen reading Star Magazine, and hides her face at one of the pages. A cross appears next to 'Prepare Gossip Report'.'

Liandra: It's in the middle of summer, I hoped to spend more time outdoors. I love my parent's garden, I can really listen to my song there. I can't concerntrate on my song here with all this stuff to do.

(Liandra begins licking envelopes, looking more and more disgusted the more envelopes she completes. A pile of envelopes appears.)

Liandra: Uh, my tongues gone dry.

(Liandra shows the camera she is done. A screen appears indicating all tasks have been completed, and Liandra begins dancing around her room. A sound indicates she has a new email, and she checks her emails.)

Liandra: They just sent me tomorrow's list. (Liandra falls to her bed).