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Flock Video 0025

Listen to the Hymn of One...

Blogger Liandra
Date Posted June 30th, 2007
Description It is important to listen to your song.


YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 the chosen flock lostgrl17 liandra listening hymn of one eternal song

Music "The Hymn" by Kevin Schlanser
Liandra Credit Withheld
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Listen is the twenty-fifth video in the The Chosen Flock video series. It was posted in response to flowersonmyhat's video Re: Contact.


(The Hymn of One music plays in the background throughout this video.)

Liandra: Where do you go to listen to your song? For me, I come here. It's beautiful and quiet and full of life. (Cut to footage of trees, grass, and a bird bath.) I'm so happy. Have you heard? I've been listening to the songs of others and reaching out to them through Youtube and MySpace comments. I was so happy when Allison and Chrysandra heard my song and responded. Sometimes listening is the best way to express yourself. Take time to listen, to really listen, with the purity of your attention, to the person you are speaking with. By doing so, you vastly improve your ability to get your own points across. A degree to which you understand is a degree to which you can be understood. Listening with interests insures that you will be heard when you speak. People are happy to tell you everything you need to know if you are only willing to take the effort to listen. Listen not only with your ears. Listen with your intuition, your knowledge, your compassion, your experience, and your culture. Listen well, and you will know. Listen carefully, and you will hear opportunity knocking. Listen sincerely, and you will hear the truth. Listen with an open mind, and you'll hear a teacher. Listen politely, and you'll hear a friend. Listen to the Hymn of One, understand and consider, and the Hymn of One will listen to you.


  • This video is similar to Hymn of One advertisements by Bree

Video Comments

I liked what you have to say. Listening is important. You have a lovely garden :)