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Episode 410/2x154
Bloodlines: Part 4

Everything's over

Blogger Dr. Hart
Date Posted January 26th, 2008
URL old.LG15.com
Forum [15917 forum discussion]
Length 5:01
Description I've been running around this place for hours. Uploading this video will probably be the last thing I ever do . . . but at least I didn't let them win.
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 daniel jonastko bree hospital ceremony help
Dr. Hart Sean Vincent Biggins
Shadow Nate Geez
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Bloodlines: Part 4 is the four-hundred tenth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred fifty-fourth video of season two. Bloodlines: Part 4 is the four-hundred tenth video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred fifty-fourth video of season two.


(Dr. Hart is heard running through and dark building and breathing hard. Voices are heard and then the silhouette of a man with a gun is seen in the darkness. Dr. Hart continues to run through a door then sits down against a wall. He takes a look back to make sure no one is there then speaks to the camera.)

Dr. Hart: This is my final message. Bill Porter is dead. I killed him. I couldn't go through with the Ceremony. I couldn't sacrifice Emma. So I poisoned Emma's blood with the serum. I poisoned Porter.

(A voice calling for Dr. Hart is heard in the background. Dr. Hart turns toward it then back to the camera.)

Dr. Hart: I can never make up for all the people I've hurt, all the families I betrayed. But I can end this. Verdus, Porter, me--it all ends. Daniel, Jonas, I hope Gina's safe with you. Protect her. Please, she deserves a better life, a free life. Free from people like me.

(A voice in the background says "Try upstairs; take the stairs." Dr. Hart gets up and starts to run again. He goes through several passageways sometimes being following closely by a man with a gun. An ominous laugh is heard. Dr. Hart eventually gets to the stairs which Jonas was in in part 3. He tries the door but it is locked with a padlock. He sits down on the steps.)

Dr. Hart: (breathing hard) I remember the first time I met Gina. I had just started working for Porter. We flew on his jet to Lake Baikal in Siberia. We drove all day and into the night, until we found this tiny Russian village. A priest there introduced us to this young mother. And then we finally met her two girls. A two-year old named Yevgeny, and her newborn sister, Bronislava. The girls were so perfect. They were both trait positive. Porter paid, and then we left. On the flight home, I sat with Yevgeny. She was going to be my research subject, my dream. That's when I named her Gina. Porter said he'd already arranged for an American family to raise Bronislava as if she were their own. And that's when he named her Bree.

(Men are heard running down the stairs toward Dr. Hart saying that they have found him. Dr. Hart slowly sets the camera down as they approach.)


  • This video reveals that Bree is Gina's sister.
  • Gina's Russian name sounds like Yevgeny, although that is the masculine form of the name. The feminine form is Yevgeniya.
  • The voices of the men, chasing Dr. Hart, sound as though they were added in post-production and run through an echo effect.
  • The footage in this video was shot at Linda Vista Hospital.