Cadbury Representative

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Cadbury Representative
First Appearance Last Appearance
Drive Goo Arma-goo-den
Character information
Age Unknown
Place of Origin En GB.gif United Kingdom
Portrayed by Matt Newman

Videos with Cadbury Representative

The Cadbury Representative works for Cadbury Cream Eggs. He hires Charlie's company to do a marketing event for the eggs and provides Charlie with a egg shaped car filled with an undisclosed number of the egg candies and a large egg costume, which he hopes a celebrity will wear. On the day of the event, he arrives to find Charlie has parked the egg car in the middle of the street. Fearing that it will get towed, he demands that Charlie move the car. However, this has disastrous results, as when Charlie opens the door to move it, all of the eggs stuffed inside spill out and are picked up by the nearby crowd.

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