Dangerous Injection!

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Episode 521/3x111
Dangerous Injection!

Lucy is boss!

Blogger Daniel
Date Posted July 14th, 2008
URL old.LG15.com
Forum [18027 forum discussion]
Length 4:10
Description I went looking for Lucy like you suggested. She's one crazy chick! At least now we have a lead...
Location(s) Lucy's apartment
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 bree danielbeast jonastko injection the order danger
Music "La Sirene dort" by La Laque
Daniel Yousef Abu-Taleb
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
Jonas Jackson Davis
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Previous "Blood Will Flow"
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Dangerous Injection! is the five-hundred twenty-first video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred eleventh video of season three.


(A shot of the front of Lucy's apartment is shown from behind a tree.)

Daniel: I'm across the street from Lucy's apartment. She's our only lead to where The Order's taken Jonas. It's just... (turns camera to self) I refuse to believe that Jonas is gone, that we might not see him again. But... pfff... I can't think about that. Not right now. I been staking this place out for hours now. Looks like no one's around. All I need is ten minutes. So let's do this.

(Daniel runs across the street. Cut to the side of Lucy's apartment at her balcony. Daniel ducks underneath it.)

Daniel: So, you're probably wondering why I'm here alone. Well Sarah, she was reluctant about this. She's worried that I'm... I'm gonna get myself into some danger. And Jennie... well, for the first time she wasn't able to reason her way into a decision. Her emotions got the best of her and she wasn't able to think clearly after seeing him dragged away like that. (Camera pans up to Lucy's balcony) Here we go!

(Cut to Daniel, out of breath, on Lucy's balcony.)

Daniel: As for me, it's made everything more clear. (Opens the sliding door) I've thought a lot about what's most important here. (Closes door with a grunt) (Walks over to where Lucy's office is, pans it's hallway with his camera, and peeks around the corner) Fighting The Order... no. Not now. (Walks into the office) Not after everything that's happened. (Daniel sets the camera down) For now, it's about protecting my friends at all costs.

(Daniel is seen searching drawers and cabinets. He goes over to a stack of boxes and begins rummaging through one full of papers. He then inspects the printer, but finds nothing. He uses something to pick the lock on one of Lucy's drawers and starts digging through its contents. He pulls out a transparent folder with pictures of Jonas in it. He walks over to the camera and begins shuffling through the pictures in front of it.)

Daniel: I guess Lucy's other job as helper is keeping tabs on Jonas. Why? (Picks camera up) I guess that's why she keeps popping up. (Cut to Daniel outside next to a fence) I didn't find anything else at Lucy's, but when I got back to the apartment I found a CD on the doorstep. We got out of there as soon as we watched it. I guess we're not safe anywhere! See for yourselves.

("La Sirene dort" by La Laque starts playing and footage of Lucy in a blueish room is shown. Jonas is strapped to a bed in only his underwear and Lucy is examining tools on a table. She puts on some rubber gloves and turns Jonas's head to the side. She grabs a very large needle off of one of the tables and injects it into Jonas. She puts it back on the table and grabs a slicing tool. She cuts Jonas's scar open. Cut to Lucy bandaging his scar. Jonas is then seen trying to sit up, but he is strapped to the table and cannot move much. Lucy then shoves him down and Jonas goes limp. Cut to Daniel in front of the fence.)

Daniel: At least he's alive. I mean, that's something. The CD included a note. It gave the location where Jonas was being held and a time for us to show up. In the note, it said that a distraction would be created for us to save our friend. Jennie saw the footage. I tried to stop her, but now she can't stop crying. She thinks it might be a trap and doesn't know what we should do. I say that we follow the instructions and- and try and save Jonas or meet our fate.


  • The last time Lucy's apartment was seen was in Oh, The Places You'll Go, which was released on May 24, 2007.
  • This is the first time any of TAAG has mentioned any specifics of their new location. Daniel mentioned that they had been living in an apartment.
  • Daniel takes a transparent folder containing pictures of Jonas from one of Lucy's drawers. This folder is labeled "The Key".