Don't Mess With Andrea

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Don't Mess With Andrea

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Girls can't throw?

Blogger Paulmark18
Date Posted June 26th, 2007
Description The Order may have Bree, but they better think twice before messing with the likes of Andrea... or they'll end up like this guy.

(The voice you hear is coming from the person in the tank.)

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Andrea Unknown
Man in the Tank Unknown
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Don't Mess With Andrea is the ninth video in the Paul and Andrea video series.


(Andrea is standing in front of a dunk tank. She buys some balls and begins to throw them at the tank, laughing.)

Man In Tank: I know girl's can't throw. It's okay. Before you throw, I've got to ask you a serious question. Was there a flood in your house recently? 'Cause your pants are a little hiked up. You didn't get it, did you? You're actually a blonde aren't you? You... you don't understand much. Alright, come on.

(Andrea runs up to the tank and throws the ball from a shorter distance.)

Man In Tank: Don't even try.

(Andrea misses. She runs up and manually dunks the guy. The crowd cheers.)