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Episode 003
Dream 3: Sleeping Beauty (Gemma)

I detest my sins.

Blogger VoyBoy
Date Posted February 9th, 2007
URL revver.com
Description Who Says RIP And Means It?

Gemma Gemma on the wall...Anne Sexton would have told your story best of all.

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YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast order opaphid storm castle fight back police with mercy for the greedy anne sexton
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Dream 3: Sleeping Beauty (Gemma) is the third blog in the Dreams from the Breeniverse video series.


Text: Dream 3 ... Sleeping Beauty

(Shot of a church with a skull image over it)

Anne Sexton: Concerning your letter in which you ask me to call a priest

(Shot of Jesus being crucified, then zooms out to the chapel of a church)

Anne Sexton: And in which you ask me to wear The Cross that you enclose

(Shot of Gemma talking)

Anne Sexton: Your own cross. Your dog-bitten cross.

(A shot of a strand of pearls in a jewlery box)

Anne Sexton: No larger than a thumb.

(Shots of random letters and numbers. Then a shot of OpAphid opening her eyes)

Anne Sexton: Small and wooden, no thorns, this rose

(Shot of an angel statue in what appears to be a graveyard. Zooms out to people under umbrellas standing around a coffin.)

Anne Sexton: I pray to its shadow. That gray place. Where it lies on your letter... deep, deep.

(Shot of Gemma walking in an alley)

Anne Sexton: I detest my sins.

(More random letters and numbers appear on the screen. Then cuts to a close up of a person's hand)

Anne Sexton: And I try to believe in The Cross. I touch its tender hips, its dark jawed face, its solid neck.

(Kaleidoscope image)

Anne Sexton: Its brown sleep.

(Scenes of Jesus being crucified)

Anne Sexton: True. There is a beautiful Jesus. He is frozen to his bones like a chunk of beef. How desperately he wants to pull his arms in! How desperately I touch his vertical and horizontal axes.

(Scene of the angel in the graveyard again')

Anne Sexton: But, I can't. Need is not quite belief. All morning long, I have worn your cross.

(Shot of Gemma climbing over a brick wall)

Anne Sexton: Hung with package string around my throat.

(Gemma walking down the alley with Tachyon's target over her chest.)

Anne Sexton: It tapped me lightly as a child's heart might, tapping secondhand, softly waiting to be born. Ruth, I cherish the letter you wrote.

(Gemma mimes the OPAPHID anagram.)

Anne Sexton: My friend, my friend. I was born doing reference work in sin

(OpAphid logo appears. Shot of Gemma walking down the street in California with Lucy.)

Anne Sexton: And born confessing it. That is what poems are:

(Gemma standing in front of a brick wall, then Gemma on a pay phone.)

Anne Sexton: With mercy for the greedy.

(Shot from the prospective of a person taking a down escalator.)

Anne Sexton: They are the tongue's ramble.

(Close up of Gemma's eye.)

Anne Sexton: The world's pottage

(Close up of Tachyon's eye.)

Anne Sexton: The raths star.