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Episode 002
Dream 2: The House (Daniel)

He gave us the house

Blogger VoyBoy
Date Posted January 29th, 2007
URL revver.com
Description How could you? We were always there for you. Where did you get these ideas that we don't care? And what have you got us all mixed up in?
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YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko pins pints hamster bowling missing look help drive
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Dream 2: The House (Daniel) is the second blog in the Dreams from the Breeniverse video series.


(Scene of waves crashing on a beach)

(Comic strip of Daniel and Bree)

The house.

(Black text that says "The House" swirls on to the screen)

(Scene of a car driving down a street)

(Scene of a front door of a house. A young boy holds the door open for a woman)

The son dreams of protection. And he gave us the house.

(Blue screen with a close up of an eye. Many smaller eyes also appear on the screen.)

He gave us the house.