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Episode 009
Dream 9: The First Girl (Bree)

When it comes to rituals, Stonehenge is the place to go!

Blogger VoyBoy
Date Posted April 29th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description You might have better luck if you start at the beginning.
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YouTube Tags LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast jonas jonastko spring break lame people beer tequila drink party weird
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Dream 9: The First Girl (Bree) is the ninth blog in the Dreams from the Breeniverse video series.

About Dream 9

Text: Picture start.

(A countdown appears from 10.)

(Light effect in camera.)

(Camera pans up a little girl in a dress.)

(Shot of some sort of ritual around Stonehenge in which people stand in a circle while one holds up some sort of object.)

(Camera pans a street of some sort.)

(Shot of ritual.)

(Light effect in camera.)

(Camera pans up some sort of book.)

(Shot of ritual at Stonehenge.)

(Shot of a lock of hair.)

(More shots of the ritual.)

(Another lighting effect.)

(Camera pans over a girl standing in front of a wall.)

(Shot of ritual.)

(Shot of a girl's face.)

(Shot of ritual.)

(Shot of girl standing in front of wall.)

(Shot of book.)

(Shot of girl in dress holding the book. Her eyes turn to flame.)

(Lighting effect.)


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