Duke Johnson (video)

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Episode 23/2x010
Duke Johnson

The one and only!

Blogger Clara Stokes
Date Posted July 22nd, 2007
URL youtube.com
Length 1:17
Description Interview with Duke Johnson, who was supposed to go fishing with Joel Frady the weekend of April 21st.
YouTube Tags Duke Johnson Maddison Atkins Joel Frady SFA Thesis Clara Stokes
Clara April Rickman
Adam Lamar Adam Lamar
Duke Johnson Brian "B-Mac" Christopher
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Duke Johnson is the twenty-third video in the Maddison Atkins video series. It is also the tenth video of chapter two.


(Adam and Clara are driving in the car.)

Clara: Duke doesn't answer his phone.

(Adam reaches into the back of the car and pulls out a phone book.)

Adam: Need a phone book?

Clara: Yeah, nice phone book.

Adam: It comes in handy.

(Clara flips through the pages.)

Clara: Johnson... Johnson...

(Cuts to Clara and Adam walking up to Duke Johnson, who is working on the engine of his truck.)

Adam: Hey man.

Duke: What can I do for ya?

Adam: Are you Duke Johnson?

Duke: The one and only.

Adam: Cool.

Clara: Well, I'm Clara. Clara Stokes. And I'm doing a documentary on Maddison Atkins, and as you probably know your friend, Joel Frady, was the guy who committed the crime.

Duke: Tell you what, I'm not sure what you're getting into. I don't know. I'm around a lot of people in my line of work. But I can tell you something. I'd be careful where you poke the fire. Joel was a good friend of mine. Good friend. We were supposed to go fishing the day he disappeared. And he didn't show up. That's all I know.

Adam: So what exactly do you do for a living?

Duke: I'm a driver.

Adam: For what, dude? Where's your rig?

Duke: Oh, it's at the blood center, where I park it. Mobile blood unit. You two care to make a donation?

Adam: Maybe.