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Immant Video 9

Don't leave home without it?

Blogger Dr. Immant
Date Posted December 31st, 2006
URL revver.com
Description asdfffff...
YouTube Tags dr doctor immant order LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel danielbeast caretaker night ghost
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Flee is the ninth video in the Immant video series. This video was posted in response to The Unthinkable Happened.


Dr. Immant: Sam, I realize I'm not your favorite person right now, but I really believe the only way to change the Order is from within. I wish--

(A loud noise is heard, and Dr. Immant jerks his head to the side, looking startled. He quickly produces a cell phone and dials.)

Dr. Immant: Come on... Come on...

A badge?
(Dr. Immant reaches into his desk and pulls out his wallet. As it flashes past the camera, we see a badge of some sort. He puts the wallet in his pocket and walks out of frame. he shortly returns and sets down a box of ice pops on the desk. He sits back down.)

Dr. Immant: (speaks in a tone that suggests he is leaving a voicemail) Nick, my situation's been compromised. Initiating emergency protocol procedures. I'm going underground, repeat, I'm going underground. (He hangs up)

(Dr. Immant gets up and places a small travel case on the desk. He rifles through the ice pops and pulls out two silver cylindrical objects, positioning them in the case. He zips up the case and puts it aside, grabbing a backpack and setting it on the chair. He loads this case with a small pyramid-shaped object from the desk, a bottle of pills, and a small ornate sword. He puts on his sunglasses and slings the backpack over his shoulder, sitting down in front of the camera again.)

Dr. Immant: Sam, I'm uploading this now. I'll contact you when it's safe.