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HSAO Video 1-16
Good: A is so

Hsaovideoimage Good-AisSo.jpg
drama = plot structure

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted December 18th, 2006
Description Music by Androne Sebastian (Storm on the Sea) This is a call for answers. It is amazing how we solve/balance/reconcile this equation every day. This is the last time to bring it, class.
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Good: A is so is the sixteenth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate.


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Call for Answers)

Solve this equation

If A = A
Then B = B

Palindromically, Evil = Live


(A mettalic globe spins next to a computer whose screen features a map of the world)

my brain + my equations = my truth

(A picture of what seems to be a DNA strand revolves)

your(brain + equations) = your truth

(An image of swirling lines is backed away from to reveal a fingerprint)

my truth + your truth = reality

reality = conflict

conflict = drama

drama = plot structure

(A computer is viewed through what seems to be old architectural plans?)

structure = strength

strength = answers

answers = meanings in life

(The Earth revolves, changing colors)

life = B (act)

The question remains:

A + B = ?

Are we Reflexive or Reactionary?

(A phone swings in the air, held by a cord)

We experience this equation, balancing everything, trying to secure sense, breathing, holding hands, noticing visions, balking,

fearing, laughing, playing, drifting, crying, hurting, helping, pondering.

A + B = _____


(Revolving Earth picture, caption: HSA: Call for Answers)

Find the answer.

Bring it.

This is the last time, you know.