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Lara Walker

First Appearance
Last Appearance
Photography in Motion
One Way
Person information
Age 18 (deceased)
Birthday March 20th 1989
YouTube GuillotineCalamity
Portrayed by Linda Belle

GuillotineCalamity is a fan fiction character, seemingly connected to Tachyon and has posted several videos in response to the OpAphid Alternate Reality Game. She has been called Sister and continues to identify herself as so (a nod to Tachyon's partner Brother in OpAphid). She has been discovered to also go by LW when speaking to members within the W Community. There is no clear evidence whether she is fanfiction or something more, although her videos sometime uncannily predict the happenings in the Breeniverse.

The GuillotineCalamity Arc

The GuillotineCalamity Arc revolves around the ex-members of a community run by W, otherwise known as Wolffe. W is the grandfather of Sister, or L. Sister seems to be related to a Caroline Walker, as well. It is not yet known how this community relates to Bree's or even OpAphid's. In the video Bedtime Story, Sister discloses that Caroline came across or was involved in some sort of ritual in the woods bordering W's land. She returned battered and bruised, and heard the voices of a 'Cassandra' and a 'Helena' in her head. It is speculated that they belonged to Cassie and Helena Petrovna Blatavsky, whose works influenced Aleister Crowley. Caroline later commited suicide.

According to her videos, Sister is out for revenge. It is unknown at this time exactly who she is working for, though, it is known that in the Breeniverse, she would be considered an evil character.

Sister's story came to an end, in early june when the character (maddened by the voices of loved ones passed) commited suicide.

The GC Seasons

A list has been posted on the CTK forums announcing the GC video ARC seasons list. The sixth season is expected to arrive soon. The List (these videos are including those from GC canon):

Season 1: Propaganda

  • Photography in Motion
  • Go Home, Bree
  • You Are Not Homeless
  • Tachyon Will Fail

Season 2: Initiate Dialogue

  • Dear T,
  • Red
  • Lonelygirl Sexyback
  • ifsfimon
  • RE: The Anti-Jonas Campaign

Season 3: Foreshadow; The Clock Tells Tales

  • 11: Your Time Is Up
  • Spitfire
  • Bedtime Story
  • Nobody Lies
  • Tov v'Ra

Season 4: Something Wicked

  • The Big Bad Wolffe
  • RE: The Big Bad Wolffe
  • Morior
  • the red candle
  • confIrmatIon
  • She's Got Nothing On Me
  • [1/4] I have been acqaunted with the night
  • Spending Christmas Alone
  • Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
  • December 28th
  • Congratulations HSAO!!
  • Queens and Kings

Season 5: Queen of Calamity

  • Double Meanings and Dead Ends
  • Or Maybe Not
  • Let Her Eat Cake?
  • D'rash and Ramez
  • Once Upon A Time...
  • The Search for Veritas
  • Lo Zeh Tov
  • The Breakdown
  • The Invitation Pt. I (Double Posted)
  • Prelude to Treachery
  • And As Such
  • Middle
  • Check: The Meeting
  • Deaf and Dumb
  • The Invitation pt. 2
  • departed soul
  • Not Blind Or
  • 1. Communication
  • The Greater Good
  • Set The Example
  • Backstabber
  • Noops
  • One Way

Knock Thrice

In order to contact Sister, one had to go through the process of knocking. This was a procedure in which one would email Simon ( Below is the procedure of knocking:

1. Identify yourself. --> Say your name, YT account, and any other handles related to LG15.

2. Knock twice: "blah blah blah" --> Knock twice is usually a hint to solving the password and it's usually a quote from a book (the most recent was from a movie...)

3. Knock thrice: Whisper the password

The password needed in the third knock would be the solution to a short code you received from Simon following your second knock. After correctly knocking three times, you would be given access to ProjectStatic.

As a note, you get three chances to do this correctly, after which Simon will no longer allow you to have access to Sister.

GC Characters

The only GC canon character with a face to match their videos

GuillotineCalamity - Sister herself

Itrog - Antoinette or Marie, an old friend

serveshallslaves - Simon, an old friend who deserted the community

autumnriley - Riley, always loyal to the community

CredoWw - Wolffe (W), Sister's "grandfather" and the head of the community

codesintoveritas - Eli, who seems to know Riley. Riley's video, The Search for Veritas, seems to indicate that there is a connection.

flyslyohmy This, apparently, is the account of sister's operation she works under in the order. After your third knock, Simon's clue will send you first to this YouTube Profile, then to the following:

Project Static Second YouTube profile Simon's response to a third knock will lead you to. This account was used by Double L's former lover Beatrice, or known by fans as B.

Timothy Crane - Lara's cousin, and secret friend. Whom, after Lara's fall from grace, takes up a new name (Addmusic3039) and watches over sarahsnotebooks.

Unconfirmed Characters

OpGrey - An unknown operation. Sister denies contact, but the anagram was in her She's Got Nothing On Me video. OpGrey anagrams to "Go Prey," which is in a couple of Sister's videos as well.

flyslyohmy After your third knock, Simon's clue will send you first to this YouTube Profile, then to the following:

Project Static Second YouTube profile Simon's response to a third knock will lead you to.

Cirion E. Claims to be trying to defeat W, however all of his videos were deleted mysteriously.

TheLadyLazarus - Lady Lazarus, connection still under speculation

Other Links

xposingcalamity - Kevin, a fan who watches Sister and shares what he's decoded.

TheChartreuse - Lanie, Kevin's partner in crime who watches some of the secondary characters. - Sister's blogger, which has information about Helena. Sister's second blog.