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veritas means truth in latin. it's harvard's motto.--Skeeta 18:24, 23 January 2007 (CST) into truth? User:Crowcity

Ok, so I nominate GC's page because I think it has a fair amount of clarity, cleanliness and is related to LG15, as some of her videos are in response to LG15 videos, and the storyline revolves around a community, just like Bree's. And Like LL's page, let's not try to argue. This is a discussion, not a competitive debate. .--Crowcity

Without debate, I am totally against this. --LordGreystoke422 23:45, 2 February 2007 (CST)
Here, here. Totally against it. It is problematic FEATURING a fanfic. I think we should gather 'round and think of various themes that have run through LG15, whether early on or now. Pages related to those things should be featured, not response videos made by unrelated people. What does that add to our better understanding of lonelygirl15? I mean come on, if you are short of things, try featuring P. Monkey, or Owen, or Thor, to just name three. Each of those are deeply related to LG15 herself and would be of interest. There are other less well known but firmly canonical things which could also fit the bill of appropriateness, but a fanfic with no real cross-over in the lonelygirl world should make it. (Now if it was a fan-fic directly tied into the plot, or one that is obvious comedy, might be a different story.) HyeMew 00:04, 3 February 2007 (CST)
Hah..I was just kidding I am actually for featuring it.. Actually..despite how problematic it is I think we need to make the effort to support some Fan SpinOffs prominently. We just need to check heavily to make sure that it doesn't get people totally confused with the LG15 storyline AND the CassieisWatching storyline as being canon for either. Maybe do a series of Fan Features. One for serious storyline, one for parody, one for straight fan commentary maybe? We could pick a few choices for each category and vote on which we use and then focus on prepping the article to get it ready for prime time. This name associated with this post I say should not be included... I've already basked in the glory of being mentioned by the creators in a letter that is posted RIGHT on the Fan Fiction's that with that. Also I am against itscassie because of the cassie confusion. I'd say GC, Immant, and HSAO for serious. LonesomeOct, Apotheosis, and ItsKassie for parody...who the hell knows about other characters categories..we can figure some out. Also... let me say.. So much for not being a competetive debate. Actually, I don't think a true discussion is possible with out some competetive debate...otherwise its just mindless positions..kinda like the US congress. I just have to say one more thing... Don't think of an elephant.. and you thought of? An elephant of course..unless you don't understand the meaning of the word... It's inherent that if you tell someone NOT to do something..think something.. You have JUST put thoughts of that something in that person's mind where as before saying it the person may not have been thinking of it at all. Ok..Soapbox off!.

How can you discuss something without presenting an argument when that is simply a position on a topic. Ok..Done..and here I was just trying to be a little bad and have fun.. --LordGreystoke422 00:37, 3 February 2007 (CST)

This discussion over whether fanfic should or should not be included needs to be moved to LGPedia talk:Featured articles. When JayHenry first came up with that, he set forth some guidelines that are included in that page, and everyone seemed to be ok with them. If that's not the case anymore, then it needs to be discussed, but not here. This page is for discussion of this article's merit, not our FA guidelines. As they stand, we're not against featuring fanfic, but the article should not be self-promoting. It's also ok to agree to feature an article eventually after everyone has had a chance to revise it. So... before this turns into another fiasco... if you have anything further to say about our FA guidelines, please post your concern on LGPedia talk:Featured articles. If you're merely against featuring GC, you've made your point, and it's been acknowledged. OwenIsCool 11:39, 3 February 2007 (CST)

I think it is very debateable whether fan fiction should be featured, but am obviously for it. The fan fiction og LG15 is a relevant piece of The Breeniverse, in my eyes. I mean, without cassieiswatching, OpAphid may be completely different, or perhaps non-existant! And opAphid has been accepted as official LG canon, now as we see fully intergrated into the direct LG storyline. Yes, fan fiction, even that of an unprofessional type (no offense) deserves at least some recognition. --Crowcity

These pages are neat and complete and a complex story..Which should have been tier 4 or 5 yet was marked for deletion along with its 2 sister series Opscorn and theladylazarus...named tier 1..these were prime examples of what was wrong with the tier system. Hence I am removing the deletion tag.--LordGreystoke422 13:27, 8 August 2008 (CDT)