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Episode 523/3x113

"Jonas... I love you."

Blogger Jonas
Date Posted July 16th, 2008
URL old.LG15.com
Forum [18064 forum discussion]
Length 3:58
Description Viewer discretion is advised.
Location(s) The rented house
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 lg15 bree danielbeast jonastko the order lucy binary code
Music "Night Music" by The Autumns
Jonas Jackson Davis
Lucy Amanda Goodfried
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Handcuffed is the five-hundred twenty-third video in the lonelygirl15 video series. It is also the one-hundred thirteenth video of season three.


Jonas: (voice over) I wasn't sure about posting this, but it's- (The shot fades to a distant doorway) well, it's just too important. And as they say on TV, viewer discretion is advised.

(Jonas is heard grunting and he soon comes through the doorway dragging Lucy by her hands.)

Jonas: Okay. We're almost there. What? We're almost there.

(Lucy's handcuffed hands fall in front of the camera. Water can be heard running in the background. Jonas drags Lucy out of view and the shot cuts to Jonas turning off the bath faucet. Jonas throws Lucy into the tub.)

Jonas: Hmm? (Slaps Lucy's face) You awake? Huh, (aggressive) you awake now?

(Jonas walks away for a second, leaving Lucy in the tub with her mouth taped, but comes back shortly to slap her in the face. He then picks her up and handcuffs her hands to the shower rod. He pushes her head back and steps back, leaving Lucy hanging uncomfortably.)

Jonas: You're a helper, huh? (Walks over to Lucy) If I were you, I'd needa help you!

(Jonas punches Lucy in the gut and elbows her in the face. He then gives her body a push and walks away. Cut to a close up of Lucy's face, which Jonas is squeezing in his hand. He pushes her bangs out of her face.)

Jonas: I needa see your face. (Grabs face) C'mere! Why have you been following me for all these years? Huh? Without killing me? It's cause of the microchip? The key? Hmm?

(Jonas punches Lucy in the face and then lifts her head up by her bangs. Lucy begins spitting blood and is breathing heavily.)

Jonas: Listen... listen to me. Huh? Want more? (Lucy spits blood at Jonas) Aww!! (Punches Lucy again and grabs her by her bangs) Look at me! (Cut to Lucy looking emotionless hanging from the rod) Why is the key so important? The microchip? Huh? Why do you guys want it so bad? What's on it? What's on it, Lucy? Oh! (Laughing) Oh ho ho ho ho! Wait a minute! I get it. You don't know! (Gets close to Lucy's face) You don't know, do you? (Lucy slaps Jonas in the face with her arm) Whoa! (Jonas is heard sniffing as if his nose is bleeding) That was not good. That was not good. (Rubs Lucy's face and then grabs it) Hm? Look at that face. Let me see that face! Huh? (Punches her in the face)

(Cut to Lucy, bloodied, sitting in the tub with her head against the faucet. Jonas steps into the tub and hovers over her. Jonas sighs.)

Lucy: Jonas.

Jonas: What? What was that?

Lucy: Jonas.

Jonas: Do you wanna say something? What?

Lucy: (Swallows) Goodbye. (Starts coughing)

Jonas: (Gets out of the tub) Oh shit! (Lucy spits blood) No! No! No! No! No! You stupid bitch, no! (Grabs Lucy's face) You don't- hey! You don't get to die! You don't get to die! It's not that easy! (Lucy goes limp) No! You don't get to die! You don't get to die, it's not that easy! Fuck!

(Cut to Jonas sitting at the table.)

Jonas: She's dead. She's dead! I- she must have had something hidden in her mouth. Like, I dunno, cyanide maybe? I don't know. (Exhales) Fuck. At least today wasn't a total loss. We did hear from Taylor and she was able to pull some stuff off the microchip. It was, uh, an address and some blueprints to a museum so we're gonna go there tomorrow. And there was also... there was also some kind of code on there. Um, she wasn't able to make sense of it though. It was... binary code or some- something. (A noise is heard in the background) Maybe you guys can help... with that. Phew. I better... get back in there. I'm on clean up duty.

(Jonas walks to the bathroom and opens the door. The handcuffs are open on both the shower rod and on the tub and Lucy is gone.)

Jonas: Fuck! (Runs out of the room)


  • This video marks the second time Lucy speaks.
  • The code turned out to be a cryptogram for a poem. The poem is something along the lines of "sixteen times a new age loses lite til we steal it for eternal nite stars will fall in his time as we Elders see greatest find." The forum discussion including the solution can be found here. A second discussion can be found here.