Head Down (File 5/15)

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Episode 7/2x007
Head Down (File 5/15)

Your goddamn lunch break?

Blogger The Director
Date Posted November 19th, 2008
URL youtube.com
Length 2:00
Description Linc does as well as expected.
YouTube Tags opzerosum zero-sum zero sum linc tom russell julie summer lg15 lonelygirl15 resistance home office shadow elder
Summer Unknown
Linc Logan Rapp
Julie Unknown
Michael Unknown
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Head Down (File 5/15) is the seventh video in the The Home Office video series.


(Two Screens appear. The Top contains Summer, Linc, and Julie, and the bottom contains Michael)

Michael: So how are we?

Julie: We're good.

Michael: Sober?

Julie: (Looks at Linc, who takes a drink from his flask) We'll be fine.

Michael: What happened? Home Office wants to know how our team almost got taken down on their god damn lunch break.

Linc: Well, in my defense, I had, like, half a handle of Morgan before I started driving.

Summer: You drove us drunk?!

Linc: Eh.

Michael: We were fortunate, however, that they were tailing you. Putting a tracking device on 'em was a smart move. Plus, the information we got from the ex-Shadow, we got a really good idea on where Black goes when he needs his fix.

Summer: I bet it's crack.

Linc: Probably. The rich love to slum it. Julie, we're taking your car.

(Cut to Security Cam Footage of Julie's car pulling up to a curb. Cut to Dashboard Cam.)

Julie: This is it.

Linc: Summer, are you in the security cams yet?

Summer: Uh, yep.

Linc: Okay. Well, let's do this.

Summer: What?

Linc: I'm going to go have a look.

Summer: You just like getting your ass kicked don't you?

Linc: A little bit, yeah.

(Linc gets out of the car. Cut to three frames. The Bottom contains the dashboard cam, and the upper right and left contain different security feeds from nearby.)

Summer: Does he want to get shot?

Julie: He likes to try. (Linc walks onto the top left frame, and next to a cahin-link fence.) I never understand it. (The top right frame shows an Order Goon getting out of his car and walking towards Linc.) Oh, this is not going to go over well at all.

Summer: Maybe he can talk his way out of it.

Julie: (As Linc gets beat up) Summer, you've met Linc haven't you? (Julie looks out the car window.) Yep, there we go.

Summer: Should we go get him?

Julie: Nah. Let him take it a minute. (The Order Goon leaves Linc laying on the ground and walks back to his car.) Now we go.

(Julie gets out of the car, The Order Goon gets in his car, and Summer gets out of the car. Cut to Linc Cam)

Linc: (Getting Up) Shit.

Julie: You're an idiot, you know that?

Linc: (Holding up a cellphone) Worth it.

(Julie takes the phone and helps him up.)