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Brucker - One
Heed This Warning

It is truly a cold day in Hell.

Blogger Brucker
Date Posted February 2nd, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description Bree, I hope you get this video. You're in grave danger!

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YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 danielbeast gemmers19 jonastko opaphid tachyon 10033 BEER TOO ENDS PUKE CLUB
Executive Producer Brucker
Producer Brucker
Director Brucker
Writer Brucker
Camera Brucker
Special guest Brucker
Catering Starbucks Coffee
Based on characters created by Brucker's parents
Episode I Heed This Warning
Episode II Where Is Dan Thing?
Episode III Warn These Hiding!

Heed This Warning is the first video in the Brucker video series, posted in response to Looking For Daniel. Brucker offers a word of warning to Bree.


(Blue symbols appear on a black screen. Music cuts in. Cut to Brucker, sitting in his car in the dark wearing sunglasses.)

Brucker: It is truly a cold day in Hell, because...I'm makin' a fan video.

(Brucker has a brief coughing fit and removes his sunglasses)

Brucker: (speaks in a different voice) Jeez! Sorry about that. I'm really congested! (sniffs and rubs his eyes) Bree...uh...I've been noticing something about your videos. Let me tell you a story; when I was a kid, my sister and me used to always argue about who got to sit in the front seat with my dad. But we found out later that the front seat is the most dangerous seat in the car.

(A still picture flashes on the screen for a moment)

Brucker: You ever notice that they, uh...they don't allow child seats in the front car--in the front seat of the car at all, especially rear-facing ones? And there you are, sitting in the front seat...facing back...no seatbelt on. I tell you, I don't know if the cars you're in have airbags or not, but uh...I'm not sure that would even be an advantage if you're facing backwards. Might get in some serious, serious trouble. And um...for the the rest of you, uh, bloggers that are making videos while driving your car? Come on. Stay safe.