Hello Forum Friends

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Hello Forum Friends

It's important to believe in something.

Blogger Betsy
Date Posted April 20th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description No, this is not my first vlog...but i need to discuss something with you guys...
YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 LG15 bree daniel lonelygirl15.com. sandra forum religion betz28

Betz Betsy Rice
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Hello Forum Friends is the fourth video in the The Chosen Flock video series.


Betz: Hey gang, it's Betz, from the forum. You might have seen some of my funny videos that I've made. Or checked out my singing. And I do want to say, "Thank you for watching." But, right now, I want to get serious about something important. Faith is important, and I've had my own personal struggles with it. But I believe it only enriches one's life to believe in something. I was raised in a certain faith, and this thing happened. A big thing. My religion required that I handle it in a certain way, and I couldn't. So I chose to walk away. For many years I had a crisis of faith. How could the thing I was committed to most in life abandon me? Then I found a new religion. A religion where choices are actually celebrated! The best thing is that my family stuck with me. We all converted together, we've all prospered together. Probably the one that will get the most out of all of this is my sister, Sandra. She was young when we converted, so she practically was raised in the Way. She's at the age now where she has the opportunity to ascend, and we are all really excited for her. Okay, well that's enough serious talk. Now back to your regularly scheduled Betz.


  • While Betz281 has had several other videos, this is her first official New Girl video.