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Hello Forum Friends Time to Make the Phone Call
Character information
Age 32
Date of Birth ("Leo")
Place of Origin En USA.gif United States
MySpace betz281
YouTube betz281
Revver betz281
Portrayed by Betsy Rice
List of Besty's blogs

Betsy "Betz" Butler is a character in The Chosen Flock Video Series. Betsy is the best example of how the religion can enrich your life. She is married, and her husband is called Mike, who is, according to Betsy, a world-renowned psychiatrist. Her sister Sandra was something of a mystery until she started making video blogs.

Plot background

Season One

Betz was once part of a religion that made her deal with certain things in a certain way. Eventually she got fed up and left, and found enlightenment in the Hymn of One. At first she was worried about how her family would react, but to her immense pleasure they converted with her. Her father, who had been previously out of work, was provided vocational training and started a successful career. She herself got a Hymn of One scholarship so she could pay for college.

Betz posted several Vlogs telling about how the Hymn of One as enriched her family's life. (As well as a love of Nascar). She also tells of her husband, Mike, who is a world-renowned psychiatrist.

In the Flock 5on5 Season Finale, Betz finds a CD of what she believes is songs she recorded at a friend's house. It turns out to contain files on patients Mike has treated, including a two people named Daniel and Cassandra out in California, and her sister Sandra. She is disturbed to learn that Sandra's recieving some sort of treatment with brain alteration and change in personality. She confronts Mike about this, but he simply tells her to Sing her Eternal Song." Betz angrily responds: "I Will Not Sing My Eternal Song!"

Season Two

Betz posted a video five months later saying that her husband had explained everything to her and that Sandra was chosen to be a Hymn of One historian in Sedona. Days later, she posted a video clarifying that she was only acting brainwashed, and that she's hiding her awareness from Mike, who tried to make her forget what she had discovered.

She found the number of an associate of Mike's, David Jerr, and called his house. His daughter, Ananda, answered, and the two proceeded to have a long conversation in which Betz convinces Ananda to join the chosen flock myspace so she can keep an eye on her.


Betz is married to Mike, who she talk about lovingly in The Other Ceremony. She attitude changes later upon finding out that he's been running some questionable tests on Sandra.


  • In Did You See The Race?, Betz tells us her favorite Cars were numbers 6, 21, and 07. This decodes to be the date 6/21/07, which is the Summer Solstice, when She lost contact with Sandra after she went to camp.
  • In Time to Make the Phone Call, Betz states that her husband's last name is Butler, making it very likely that that is her last name as well.


Betsy is an English name for females, used as a nickname for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth or Elisabeth is the Greek form Ελισ(σ)άβετ Elis(s)avet of the Hebrew Elisheva, meaning "my God is an oath" or perhaps "my God is abundance."

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