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Episode 0001
Hi guys

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I have a lot of pets and animals to replace friends.

Blogger Rejected92
Date Posted April 19th, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description I'm kinda scared and shy so it shows. This is my first video blog.
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YouTube Tags rejected92 religion animals home
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Hi guys is the first video in the Rejected92 video series.


Alana: Hi everybody, I'm new here. I like birds... cardinals. I'm homeschooled. I didn't like real-life school, because they were always rejecting me because of my religion. So basically I stay home all of the time. I have a lot of pets and animals to replace friends. I don't have any friends. So I have a lot of guinea pigs. You can probably hear them making the noise. I just thought I'd make a real quick video just to tell you... I won't say my name at the moment... because I'm kind of scared. So this is my first video blog. I thought I'd say hi to everybody.