How Special!!!

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Episode 0009
How Special!!!

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I have a higher calling!

Blogger Rejected92
Date Posted May 1st, 2007
Description I'm so special because I have a higher calling. Weeeee!
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How Special!!! is the ninth video in the Rejected92 video series.


Alana: Anyway, I've been practicing all these different languages and stuff. And it's so exciting. I have a higher calling. Wow! And in spite of my frustration of having to practice these steps, in spite of it, I know that I'm special. And I have a higher calling. And I have to remember that whenever I have to do my chores, and stuff. Yeah, life is a bitch man. So, I got this like, new camera and stuff, and I'm not going to even waste my time uploading it. Because I'm just another new girl tryout. And even this one video will go unnoticed. So, what's the point? Except I'm on the New Girl page. And it ain't worth a shit. Did I just say a bad word? Oh my goodness. See, the whole New Girl thing is bascially so Bree can just disappear, even though they're not even interested in her anymore. But, what's the point? Just close down the forums. 'Cause everyone will die off anyway. What's the point?