Shot, Ceremony, Raccoon

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Episode 0008
Shot, Ceremony, Raccoon

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I poked myself in the eye.

Blogger Rejected92
Date Posted April 29th, 2007
Description I got my first shot today and I overheard my dad talking about a ceremony on the phone. I also talk about two cardinals I got a video of today as well as a raccoon sighting in my yard that I want to get a video of.
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Shot, Ceremony, Raccoon is the eighth video in the Rejected92 video series.


Alana: Well, I got my first shot today. Um, I overheard my dad on the phone talking about some Ceremony... that I have no clue about. And he said she. I poked myself in the eye so it's red. You probably can't really see it. But... oh and about my last few videos, like the one where I was talking about... well actually I had lipstick all over my face. I think of that as just sometimes I like to have fun. I got a video earlier of two cardinals, a female and a male, on the deck out there. And it looked like the female cardinal was talking. She was making all these noises and everything. Maybe I'll upload that later. I'm not sure. I don't want to waste the time if nobody's interested. But I thought it was kinda cute. And it was done with a better camera than the one I'm looking into now. The one I'm looking into now is just a web-camera. Only if you want me to upload the cardinal video I made I'll upload it, because it's so high quality that it will take forever to upload. There's also been a raccoon around. It's always when I'm asleep. My dad will always say, "Alana, there's a raccoon out there." And of course, I'm so sleepy at that time that I just ignore it and pretend that I'm asleep. But I really want to get a capture of the raccoon.