Introducing... Paul and Andrea

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Introducing... Paul and Andrea

It's all just a coincidence.

Blogger Paulmark18
Date Posted September 16th, 2006
Description Bree can't keep up with the demand forever, so we're stepping in and helping her out by trying to make one of our own. (Daniel helped us edit, too bad we couldn't borrow the webcam though.)

Music- Your Cover's Blown by Belle & Sebastian

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Introducing... Paul and Andrea is the first video in the Paul & Andrea series, posted in response to What's A Date?


Paul: Hey guys, it's Paul, after the events of late, you know, the party and everything, let's just say Bree's taking a little break. So Andrea and I have decided to fill in while she's gone as a way of saying thanks for all she's done. You know, for bringing us all those interesting stories and facts, despite their actual historical or scientific value. Can you believe what YouTube's done to Bree though? I mean, upload a few videos of yourself and suddenly James Lipton is asking you what your favorite curse word is. She can't keep this up forever, so that's why we thought we'd bring you some more of her facts while she's gone. Isn't that right, Andrea?

(Andrea mumbles in disinterest and Paul shakes his head in dismay.)

Paul: First things first, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna need books.

(Music plays during a montage of Paul gathering books and teasing Andrea.}

Paul: Here's one. Did you know that in the countries of Ecuador and Peru the people eat 65 million guinea pigs a year. And that they come served complete with the head and claws. I think I've had enough of that book. (Paul pulls out a different book.) Alright, did you know that Julius Caesar's last act as head of the Roman Republic, before he was murdered in that whole Ides of March business, was to appoint an office whose sole job was to monitor Rome's supply of corn. That's a lot of corn. (an ear of corn flies from off screen and hits Paul in the head.) I think I've had enough with random facts for now. (Paul is now holding an ear of corn, and removing the husk.) So anyway, a lot of you have been looking into Bree and trying to figure out why she seems so fake and why there are a million seeming coincidences from her. The truth is: science has the answer, and it's all thanks to none other than the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon. Looks like this time, science is gonna prove you wrong. (A Purple monkey puppet appears behind Paul and starts dancing around) The Baader-Meinhoff basically states that our brains have to find patterns in everything. So whether it's an unusual word coming up three times in the same day, or the fact that Bree's cousin's niece by marriage contracted a California lawyer to help patent Bree's screen name who's the father of an actress who owns a dog that once competed in a fluffiest poodles contest with one of the pets of the creators of YouTube, I think. It's all just a coincidence. Imagine if you guys started keeping track of all the non-coincidental things about Bree. (Paul glances over and sees Andrea burying her head in the magazine she's flipping through, sniffing it.) What are you doing?

Andrea: Smells nice.

Paul: So keep that in mind next time you realize there's a county in Wisconsin that shares the same name as Bree's favorite shoe brand. That's just the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon at work. (brief montage of Andrea spinning a magazine on her finger.) So there you have it, now I'm sure all your questions have been answered. See ya. (Paul raises his hand to wave good-bye and is startled to see P. Monkey on his hand.)


  • James Lipton is the host of the television series "Inside The Actors Studio" that interviews established actors and actresses about their techniques.
  • The Ides of March, or March 15, is the day Julius Caesar was assassinated.
  • The Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon is not an actual scientific principle, but rather a theory that developed on an internet discussion board. It is how seemingly meaningful coincidences are, often times, just coincidences.
  • The California Lawyer Paul mentions was Kenneth Goodfried who had recently trademarked "lonelygirl15."
  • Paul is lampooning some of the absurd connections that fans were finding in lonelygirl15 videos in the ongoing Hunt for Bree.
  • Andrea's failed attempt to spin a magazine on her finger resembles a more successful spin performed by Daniel at the end of Daniel Returns, and More Interesting Factoids (Yay!).